Pisces woman, Capricorn man....

  • Hi there. some mutual friends introduced me to this capricorn man, we all as freinds spent the weekend together and he was very shy but i knew he liked me he text me saying it would be great to see eacother again I know he was irritated with everyone forcing us to talk and hug eachother, so was I, and since the weekend he have had correspondance about next meeting, he said we will have to arrange something soon then. He went over to his mates house, who lives with my best friend, and my best freind told me she was praising me to him saying id be a great girlfriend and he seemed he liked me. But i have replied to a text he sent two days ago he asked how i was doing, but he did not reply, I waited a day and I text again asking how he was but still no reply. I know he works alot, but it doenst take too long does it to reply to a text he innitiated. I really like him and want to get to know him more, but something is stopping him from texting me and I don't know if I should move on and forget him, cause a nice scorpio man wants to take me out, or keep waiting?

    Please if anyone has any adivce on the matter, I could really use a tarot reading to gain some perspective on this shy aloof capricorn man...

    I would be very grateful as id love him to be mine...



  • Hi Kez,

    Before you invest your "Heart" in this capricorn man, do your homework and make sure you both are investing the same thing. Sometimes the thrill of being and wanting to be with someone causes us to overlook the obvious. Tread Carefully Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Caps thread carefully in a relationship. they are competitive, reliable and can be unforgiving if they don't see these qualities in a mate, at work or relationship. because they are afraid your not so competitive attitude can delay them. It's easy to make them jealous and they usually just break communication instead of yelling. they will yell if you are engaged or married to them, but before that, they will just consider you not faithful and pooff they no longer want you or even talk to you. once they are angry it could be a bit difficult to make them talk let alone forgive you.

    Something must happen to him at work. you see they put work on top of everything sometimes. they can even make it a priority over s ex, just so you know in advance. they are not exhibitionist, they might seem aloof and not interested, but deep inside they are horny:) they cling to old values because they respect things that stand the test of time and sometimes just because they are raised that way. he might not shower you with attention or flowers, but if you have his heart, you have him for life. don't make them jealous, hopefully your friend doesn't say anything about you going out with this Scorp man , yes that little innocent detail can take him aback.

    If you want him, a lot of patience and independence are required. he doesn't like clingy or whining people. he will be there for you if you are sick or need help, but if he sees that you are not really sick or just lazy, he will not take it lightly and can cost your relationship. I would choose a Cap over a Scorp. but that's just me and I'm married to a Cap for almost 9 yrs. I could sacrifice fun and romance for stability and reliability, it's better for my emotional being. If you also like these qualities, don't give up on him. You will be ignored now and then if work or family matters take up his time. Until of course, you become part of this family e.g. married or engaged. You will start to see that he will fight the world for you if he must.

    By the way, hubby just told me that I wrote too many good things about Caps hahaha well you decide.

  • haha thanks so much for the comments! iT really helps! I will justs ee if he replies! 🙂 I wont hunker after him! although secretly I am! 😉

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