Modifying Decks .. through edging or trimming...

  • Do you edge, trim, modify decks in some way to male it your own, to make it easier to handle? To give it a more finished look.. to give it some spice so to speak ..

    For me I have done several edging on decks ...
    Did some in Black ...
    Starman Tarot, deck of Heroes tarot and Gilded Tarot Royale
    edged in black.jpg
    Then in Metallic Colours
    Silver for Silver Witchcraft tarot
    Bronze Maori Tattoo Tarot
    and Gold for Supernatural tarot ..
    Yaahhh so pleased with results...
    edged in Metallic colours.jpg

    What was your last modification?

  • deck edged.jpg

    Common thread tarot and Motherpeace Tarot on the left ... on the right - Steampunk Tarot mini, Universal Celtic Tarot, NZ Naturally Tarot

  • Question:
    I have noticed that some decks are called Tarot of the Moon Garden; Tarot of Dreams; Tarot of the Spirit and Tarot of the Witch, how would you use these decks in reading. Will these decks be good for love reading? Please tell me how best to use these decks? ty

  • @Jayann
    All decks can be used in a variety of Readings .. I do not physically have any of those decks you have mentioned but they can all be used in Love readings on some level, dependent of course of the questions asked .. These are Tarot decks as any Tarot deck with a specific theme Some decks have Tarot at the beginning while others have tarot at the end .. it does not matter particularly where it is placed in the title of the deck only that it is included.

    Each deck is individual to the reader .. Every reader will read the cards slightly differently depending on the layout, the spread used, the question asked, their own experiences and style of reading .. actually I have read with both Tarot of Dreams .... ..

    and Tarot of The Spirit

    here I show The Fool ...
    Basic keywords include Free-spirited, new beginnings, novice, student, youthful energy, new adventures, dreamer....

    So this card can speak of having some fun on this new start to a journey... maybe a need to be cautious or aware of what is happening instead of dreaming of what could be... Start being in the now...

    Look at the similarities and the differences of the cards .. these can add different meanings to a reading .. there is so much more check on this website for more info related to the Fool take care ... enjoy the journey ...

  • For love readings I can work with any Tarot deck whether Rider Waite Smith Tarot , Tarot de Marseille styled deck or a Thoth based deck ... whether something unique or more traditional ... sometimes it is good to use a more specific love type Tarot deck like Romantic Tarot... Deck of Heroes Tarot .. there are other decks created more with a love theme for clients ... if doing lots of readings but that is so personal ... I can not tell anyone how to use these specific Tarot decks .. I can share my own experiences though ... as suggestions and ideas..

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