Confusing tarot combination

  • Hi there,
    I’m looking for some help interpreting a reading about my career /job.

    I did a six card spread and these are the cards I have:

    Card 1: star
    Card 2: justice
    Card 3: sun
    Card 4: justice
    Card 5: towers
    Card 6: death

    It’s a confusing combination. I would love to see if anyone can help me interpret it.


  • @Aussie-tarot
    What deck did you use ? How were they laid out?
    What were the spread questions per card?

    I can give a quick overview but without actually being in that moment and knowing what each position related to within the question...

    eg The Star can speak of hope, wishes- seeing light out of the darkness.. can speak of emotions also within the situation..
    Justice- equilibrium- finding balance out of consequences after action taken. maybe some legalities needed to be dealt with ..
    Sun speaks of finding happiness, joy within the situation ...
    Not sure about card 2 and 4 both being Justice ... (was their two justice cards in the deck? or were their two different decks used? )
    Tower speaks of things may end up being a little shaky, maybe forced to crumble the walls around you but can also be a reminder to rebuild the way you want ...
    While Death speaks of transformations and changes happening in the job ....

    A quick summary of what the cards could mean..
    so overall at first it may appear everything is fine and you are happy .. it does appear as though everything is as you hope it will be and yet you are reminded actions have consequences and you may find yourself feeling doom and gloom.. this asks you move through the changes needed to rebuild the future the way you want to ...

    This is a suggestion and idea about what the cards could mean.. the cards have many layers to them ...

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