How does he feel towards me? Tarot reading

  • In this spread I asked what are his feelings towards me?

    So I drew 6 cards and used the Smith-Wait-tarot deck :
    King of swords clarified by the Queen of cups.
    Temperance clarified by Ace of cups
    And knight of swords clarified by 2 of cups
    My interpretation:
    King of swords and Queen of cups: this person is very logical with his feelings, keeps them inside/controls them towards me, which can most likely be Deep and full of warthm as clarified by the Queen of cups.
    Temperance and Ace of cups: wants a relationship that is balanced and stable with me, has romantic feelings towards me and wants a Union.
    Knight of swords and 2 of cups: wants to act on an impulse and communicate how he feels which is the 2 of cups, so romantic feelings aswell, soulmate vibes, but the King of swords stops him, so prevents his feelings from being expressed.

    Im just a beginner so I hope I did fine for a start ☺♥

    Any interpretations appreciated ♥️ thank you xx

  • Hello!

    I think that pulling the King of Swords represents him, you the Queen of Cups. I think it's telling you that he needs to be more mindful of your emotions, as he reacts quickly and he doesn't know how to communicate properly towards you- but the Queen represents you going through this difficult experience but in the end it will end up being positive.
    Temperance indicates that you will need to wait, and it could be some time, but in the time that you have that it takes you will have grown as a person and coming in with the 2 of Cups does represent that you may come in to union together.
    The Knight of Swords tells me that you may be neglecting other parts of your life in regards to him and may need to take a step back and look at the reality of the situation and to maybe ease up, but in the end, like I said before the 2 of Cups does indicate you two will come together.

    Hope this helps 🙂

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