Can Captain or someone please give me a reading?

  • I haven't felt the same since i went to the New Age store.I picked up a lot of positive energy from this necklace I touched. Also, I am seeing things a differently. I feel lost because my bf hasn't been well for almost 2 months. I want to be on a path where I can use my empath abilitys. But I need someone to help me and guide me? I also want to be able to help my kids. Im also not sure what path to take I am very confused. I feel like what my bf wants and what I want aren't quite lining up right.I feel like everything is off track and Im not sure how to fix it . I feel the urge to help everyone with their problems and take care of the people in my life that need care, help, and 💘. I feel run down and the things I want fall by the wayside. Like Im in a constant quandary with myself. Can you please give me some guidance through tarot or your psychic opinion? Thanks:)

  • The one HUGE difference you can make to your life is to banish negativity altogether. People don't realize how life-changing it is to not fear what will happen to you, just to trust it is what you need. My whole life transformed through thinking positively. Yes it takes discipline and a whole 180 degree change in perspective. But once you think positively, you remove any negative barrier that you put up around yourself, and the Universe can then help you. When you think positive and see everything as working as it should in your life, then peace and abundance and good health will be yours. If you really want your life to change, you have to be the change in it. You will never regret making the effort. Trust in God and the Universe to take care of everything in your life for you and just you focus on being upbeat and cheerful. Everyone around you will benefit from your positivity. Your children and your boyfriend don't need to feel your fear and anxiety. A positive person helps everyone feel better. Do not fear anything - that only brings it to you. This is all about self-empowerment - you should be in charge of your emotions and how you feel, not the other way round. I mean, why would anyone choose to feel bad when you can always feel good? And make no mistake - it is a choice. Stop yourself every time you feel doubtful or fearful or anxious. Go inside to your soul where it is always peaceful and calm. You have the power inside you to rule yourself. No one else can make you feel bad but you. Believe it!

  • @TheCaptain Thanks for the advice! Im trying to fight the anxiety that I have and I've been working on being more positive and meditating. Its hard when I pick up on other feelings and their problems. I want to go back to work and I can't. Because my bf has this weird illness since his vaccine. I feel selfish for even considering going back to work. But my ex keeps pressuring me because he need financial help with my daughter who will need braces in a couple of months. Thanks for the encouragement I appreciate it!

  • @TulipLilly what is all your anxiety and fear doing for you? Is it making your situation any better? You need to relax and trust that the Universe has your back. But at the bottom of all this I feel is your fear you don't really deserve help or happiness. That is what you must eliminate in order to change anything.

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