Could I get a reading please??

  • I would like a general reading. My health very important right now, financial situation, and what my future holds for me..
    April 17, 1966

  • Good day,

    May our energies resonate well.

    There were 3 cards that pulled out in reverse when I did a reading with your significator as the Emperor

    The World in reverse means there is unfinished business and you can't seem to move on that's causing you health issues. You need to keep yourself balanced. The 3 of Swords was pulled out... did you recently deal with something painful or a trauma with a young person that is treacherous?

    As for finances, the 8 of Swords in reversed means you're feeling trapped and are mourning but you are trying your best to move forward. The Knight of Pentacles means you need to be strategic and things will improve but it's going to be slow and steady. You may need some time alone to reflect and ask your friends for advice with regards to a situation. 3 of Pentacles means there is a collaboration involve, a friendship or a work partnership.

    The immediate future has the Page of Wands in reversed. There may be some bad news coming in, with regards to a younger person that would cause chaos in your life. It is with regards some sort of commitment, could be a marriage or a long term commitment, and it has something to do with an investment or something that you have been working hard on to build stability.

    Thank you for reading and I will be sending good thoughts for you. Have a great day.

  • @radiantskies8 Thank you for reading

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