Mounting the security system

  • I am doing repairs at home and now I have questions about installing a security system, as I am already finishing finishing work. I would not like to drill walls in order to lay wires, and I found an article on the Internet about ajax security systems, which are wireless. Maybe you have experience using such systems and you can share your experience with me? I would be very happy if you would describe the process of installing such systems without drilling the walls. Is this possible? There is not much info about this on the internet.

  • I don't know what's so hard about it. The components of this security system are very light and will be very easy to attach to the walls with double-sided tape. It's pretty reliable.

  • This is a rather difficult question and you need to consult with experts. By the way, this is exactly what I did when I bought a new house. I installed the security system with the help of professionals. And now I'm making my move to a new home thanks to a company that offers move to philadelphia services. I am glad that I work with these specialists.

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