What's Happening to Me?

  • I was just wondering if anyone can relate to having whatever their abilities/gifts are going through changes recently? I mean fast and Huge changes that should develop over long periods of time I would naturally assume. In the past two to three weeks I seem to find a new part to the gifts I have been given, as if they have morphed into something "more". I was curious if this had anything to do with astrology (which I know very little about) or any other universal events occuring? Any and all input is glad welcomed and appreciated.

    Thanks and Blessings to all...


  • Hi, For me, this year has been full of changes. Not easy changes but I'm doing fine. I believe that God is near in our struggles. He knows I put faith in Him. If your cup is overflowing, that's great--give thanks.

  • interesting, lots of things going onin the universe i am hearing. i have had to start blocking peoples energy lately, its wearing me down. i am new though, havnt figured out much about it yet. it has suddenly became stronger though. i heard some type of chanting or something last night around 3 a m . it seems as if it got louder when i listened and then i kinda tuned it out. that stuff freaks me out a little. i heard people saying eveyrone is starting to develope sensativity.

  • lot of things going on .. yes..

    as if things that have been asleep or buried deep down inside are now forcing their way up and out -- no way to keep them buried any longer

    can be gifts, sensibility becoming stronger ,

    or making decisions that have been lingering now be final ones.. with all consequences..

    "listen" to what your "inside" tries to telll you...

    nothing your active mind will tell what it is, IS it really. It is more than that,...

    hard to put into words - but it is there just out of reach

    Feels like big and drastic changes are coming ... and that very very fast .. no time to sit back and wait

    be ready ..

    accept and move on.....

    This is what I "feel" --

    some mentioned that it is the change from mayan 6th night to 7th day that is now occuring ..

    Expecting some real bg changes - in small and big things.........

    not FEAR

    LOVE will see you and everyone of us through this

    Have a nice day

  • Namaste Sirenz Space. What you brought up might loosely be called an accelerated growth path. It's an honor to experience this. It shows you are ready to move up the evolutionary spiral very quickly in certain areas, which will propel you forward in all areas of your life. Intiutives, lightworkers, those in healing and building fields especially are noting changes like this more and more frequently. The massive waves of Light that continue to circle the planet are waking all who are on the cusp of readiness, and are propelling those who are further along into greater and deeper aspects of the divine plan and purpose. Part of the point of the wake up call is to get those who hear the alarm to start integrating and utilizing what they have been given, with the understanding that these gifts or tools or knowledge are meant to be put into use now.

    It's really a call to step up to the plate and commit.

    Hope this helps.

    In love and light,


  • Wow, does this have anything to do with Armegedon?

  • Thank you to all who have commented... I am glad to know that others are accelerating and hope I can learn from these gifts and use them to benefit humankind. I believe I was startled to say the least and needed reassurance which all of you have generously provided. For that, my deepest thanks.

    Bless you all...


  • this year has been a banner year for me in terms of spirituality. I have been working on my spiritual side for many years. 2006 was the year when the universe finall sent me a mentor. and this year I was sent a few more mentors and my spirit guide that was guiding me in my past life. It feels like meeting an old friend 🙂

    Money wise it hasn't been going on well with the recession but the universe still provides me with help although we have to do make do with a lot lesser. and lately I have been getting job offers that will help. I have to sort out some things first and will have to be careful when it comes to accepting job. Only because I had worked in places where I had to do things that went against my spiritual path, I really can't do that anymore or I will be suffering again and lose the job anyway. I believe the universe will provide me with what I need since they have been doing so.

    All in all, this year is the best year in my life aside from the year I married my hubby.

  • Hi,

    I've noticed my dreams are intense, very creative and spiritual in the past couple of weeks...

    Really remarkable and I'm recalling them in detail--and have lasting recall.

    Unusual. My dream life has been ho-hum, then POW!!!

    Wonder if it's from the same energies/source or whatever!!??!!!

    Glad you wrote in!


  • I am so glad that other people feel this way too! I always felt somewhat gifted..but things are definetly becoming enhanced. It's all so strange. I walk by people and I instantly feel them.

  • yes isn't that nice to know? a sign that more people have awakened or understood the need to be awakened. the time will come when the veil between the two worlds will disappear. I am enjoying this year, when money is scarce, spirits soar. I was worried at first how will I live without a job? I quit 3 years ago, and haven't had a full time job until now. at the time I found a mentor and as I got more in tune to my psyche, I realized the job I was doing went against the very core of my spiritual path. so for 3 years I couldn't find a job that lasted. when I did, it would end abruptly not because I quit but something else. but I never lose the house or late in paying bills. we do have to live in tight budget that's all. now that recovery after recession is going slow, I look back and I asked what is the lesson I need to learn. I was told 'did you say you will die without money? well it's been 3 years and you are still here' life does not stop when money is scarce, because life doesn't run only on money. when money is scarce, people come together, families save money by sharing life space. corruption doesn't survive, since money is hard to come by. only what is true and what is balanced stand the test of time. the time has come for us to achieve balance between the physical and the spiritual, the money and the truth, the ego and the non ego. I hope more and more people will be awakened.

  • I as well have started the highly charged Body buzz, the tones on one side or the other, my 3rd sight engaged about 6 weeks ago yet since has not re-engaged.

    The shifts have been fairly difficult on a personal level with all of the other astrological angles, squares, conjunctions, etc..tearing down structure in my world.

    I feel that I am behind, that others are much more advanced. I suppose I am grateful that I have somehow decided that this spiritual path of awakening is the path I should be on.

    I do hope that finances and life in general starts to smooth out, the stress has not been kind.

  • Hi, There's a Bible verse that says, I'll be around when the moon is no more. I think it's interesting that the moon is leaving the Earth's gravitational field at the rate of 2 inches per year. I'll get the verse. Have to ask my friend. I can't remember where it is.

  • Along with advancements in my gifts coming at an accelerated rate, I also have noticed that my best friend, who is clairsentient and has premonitions, has seemed to pass some of her premonition ability to me and she is much more clairsentient (my strongest gift). It's as if we are sharing. Along those lines, my younger sister has just "awoken" to her clairsentience. She never had noticed/had this gift before and to be honest she is having a rough time. Is it possible to share gifts with those closest to you?

  • hi Sirenz I don't think it's a sharing of gifts. what happens is that we all have psychic abilities. the psyche speaks through the heart and since we all have heart, we all have the ability. it's just different degree in each person. some strong, some not. some are empaths, some are mediums, etc. it seems the universe is sending help to improve your abilities, yours and people around you. it's not that you share the awakening, it's just that you all have been working on it and now the universe decides to reward you what you have been seeking. maybe you have been doing certain exercises or ritual together sometimes, and so the universe sees the unified efforts and decides to reward everyone in this unity.

    do not forget to give thanks. for if you have been true in your path, the universe will send you more available in its abundance.

  • Ahliyah.... If I didn't mention it earlier. Thanks.

    Blessings to you.


  • You're welcome Siren.



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