So, um....

  • Would A sagitarius girl (me) and a libra boy (Someone) Work together??
    Our dates are:
    Dec 8th
    Oct 6th
    Also, will we fall in love this year?

  • @DiamondButterfly10, a love affair here can be deep and meaningful and the two of you can establish a close emotional connection. You can evolve together, creating a bond that is difficult to break. It can be quite natural for marriage to become a further step here. Your complementary strengths and intense rapport can make this an unusually healthy and vibrant matchup. But I don't feel that 2021 will be your year for getting together romantically - you will be in an introspective/withdrawn mood while he will feel like socializing/partying without commitment.

    A working relationship between you will work best if it is confined to freelance and entrepreneurial endeavours where maximum independence is assured. Although obligations must be met, each of you should have well-defined areas of responsibility that will not be encroached upon by the other.

  • Thanks captain!

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