Cancer Man broke up with me out of no where... Need Advice.

  • This may be a long one, but I appreciate ANY insight I could get.

    I am a 28 y/o, Female, Aquarius and was dating a 26 y/o, Male, Cancer. We met on a dating app (which is VERY out of my comfort zone - wasn't even sure why I had made an account in the first place). Out of all the people I talked with, he was the only one I felt a true/ genuine connection with, someone I wanted to get to know more. We went on a date and immediately hit it off. It felt like I was catching up with an old friend I had known for years.

    Communication is A++++ talking all day everyday with no issues. About a month and a half into our relationship we only had one hiccup. It was on my end when I basically said I was unsure about wanting a relationship, knowing damn well thats what I wanted. Deep down I was just scared to admit that things were going well and that I found someone who accepts me for me. We didn't speak for a week, then I laid it all out on the line about my true feelings and how I was scared. That same day we talked through my hesitations and we decided to make things work and move forward, like we didn't miss a beat. It almost felt like the relationship "refreshed" in a sense with this new found honesty about my feelings.

    Everything seemed better than ever and moving forward in a positive direction after we talked though my hesitations. Then three weeks later, out of no where, he told me he would rather us just be friends. It completely blindsided me and broke me in half (I haven't stopped crying as this was only 3 weeks ago). He told me it was because he needed to focus back in on himself and that he is not as ready as he thought he was to be committed to some one. Even though he wanted a relationship from the beginning.

    He reassured me there was no one else, I didn't do anything wrong, this has nothing to do with me and that I'm this "beyond amazing person". He has never given me a single reason not to trust him so I am trying SO hard not to overthink and just take his word for it.

    I feel like I have some closure but am just extremely hurt and blindsided as this seemly came out of left field.

    I would like advice into this situation, advice from any men - is focusing in on yourself something you need to be content in a relationship moving forward? Advice from any women/ men on how to deal with this pain?

  • @Vivy2021 I have been suffering from the same behavior from a cancer man lately. After six months, he asked for space to figure things by himself, that its not my fault etc. I suggest, try very hard to focus on your life and own goals, without him being in the picture. You just dont have any control over his feelings right now. And whatever will be, will be. I know how hard it is. But, you are also very young, so really...move on..and if he wants to show up, believe me, he knows how to find you. I hope that helps!

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