leo girl + cancer guy relationship tell me captain do they match are they okay for each other? if so tell me i need to know thanks!! :}

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  • Can you provide the exact dates of birth please? Otherwise I can only give a general reading.

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  • This would fare better as a friendship. The Leo girl will have to be willing to always take the lead in the relationship, with the Cancer guy depending on her loyalty, strength and devotion - possibly to the point where he becomes annoying and needy and takes no responsibility at all. Problems will arise, then, should the Leo girl go through a depression: if her self-confidence is undermined, she can go into a slump and disintegrate before the horrified eyes of her dependent and helpless Cancer partner. A love affair here can be intense, full of exciting and romantic moments. However, this energy level will be hard to sustain: the Cancer guy will periodically need to withdraw into himself, which can make the Leo girl feel rejected, then she would withdraw in turn, and show signs of hurt or even paranoia.

    Friendship can be stimulating and supportive here. But although the two of them will be there for each other in times of need, their energies may clash when they are forced to interact on a daily basis. In addition, the Leo girl may understand what is bothering the Cancer guy but may refuse to sympathize. Limiting contact, arranging for privacy and encouraging independence will often help to alleviate these problems in the friendship.

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