• Hello sweetie!!!
    Thank you so much for your offer....you seem to resonate well with so many differences in really specific ways.

    I feel that being this is the first time we are meeting, I was wondering if you could give me a reading based on whatever reading calls to you for me, and I truly believe something may be revealed about my life on this lovely April morning.
    Thank you again for all you are and for all of us that you help guide along the way.

    Here is my birth info:

    Jennifer Ann McDonough
    Everyone calls me Jen
    DOB: 2/15/1980
    TIME: 10:05am EST
    Orange, NJ USA

    Please take your time, as I look forward to hearing back from you.

    (The selected reading says, Tarot, but I didn't select that. Truly, I trust your intuition and prefer you follow what speaks to you the strongest...Thanks Again!

  • Hey Jen! thank you so much for your request.
    Thanks for all the kind words and blessings. 🌠

    I'm a lil preoccupied with my work tasks.
    I'll be glad to do your reading but need two-three days.

    Thanks for your trust and patience ❤

  • Hey dear @jenmcdonough6gmailcom - thank you so much for your patience
    Hope you are doing well and staying safe in this pandemic.

    For your reading request, I've checked Tarot cards as well as Oracle cards. I hope somethings resonate for you and you get important insights for your near future. I rely a lot on my intuition and clairvoyance more than the traditional meaning of cards.


    Past Influences - Nine of Swords, Eight of Cups

    In the past, and this looks like a distant past to me (please clarify, I may be wrong) - you have been through a lot I can sense. There was a time of immense stress, anxiety and struggle to the point that one fine day you decided to relinquish everything and walk away from the situation. Is there a broken relationship which has that impact on you still?
    The Eight of Cups is about you taking the journey towards a more peaceful time for you, you moved from an intense phase to a better one where you realized whats more important to you and your highest good. It also indicates a spiritual calling.
    I have a feeling that you do have spiritual gifts and you might be already aware of them or honing your skills. If not, it would be worth trying.

    The Queen of Pentacles - Even though you are an air sign, the Queen of Pentacles represents you, I'm not so sure. Are you a mother? It looks like you are someone who is humble, down to earth but very stable financially. You have a nurturing kind of vibe but you are very independent and successful in your career as well. You do not like to take risks, guide others and is generous. There is a feeling of a mentor here.
    if these traits do not define you then I think it comes as an advice that you need to take better care of yourself, nurture yourself and maintain the work-life balance, do not push yourself only towards homely tasks or only towards career goals.

    Present - Seven of Cups, The World reversed, Four of Swords, The High Priestess
    I feel like something in the past is still very unclear to you and has an impact over your present situation, It looks like you are single and you are uncertain about next steps in love. Either there are multiple choices to choose from or you don't know if you are ready for love. I would suggest to work over mental closures from the past relationships. Let go of unrequited love or unsuccessful ones. Every relationship teaches you something and take the learning from it but move on. This is a time for taking a break, timeout and relax. this is a much needed healing phase and getting into a relationship won't help you release the past scars. Indulge in self care. I hope you sleep well
    The presence of High Priestess is an advice to you to listen to your intuition more and more. Of late, it has been giving you some gentle nudges of guidance and it looks like you are starting to notice them and act upon them.
    Rely on your own inner voice and it will guide you through everything in life!
    Again, I get a vibe of a mentor, guide, teacher? Are you in teaching ? Or have you enrolled in any formal training with a spiritual guru?

    Near Future - You may like being traditional and following a set structure but sometimes it can be beneficial to find new approaches, fresh strategies. Non traditional things are coming your way and you may find it hard to accept at first but collaborating with like minded people can help you. The Three of Pentacles is a card of team work and learning - what does that mean for you?

    The Sun is such a welcome sight, it is a sign that you are moving towards an abundant future, you are shining your light everywhere and people are attracted towards you. Ground yourself, connect with nature and stay optimistic, being positive will attract love for you soon. There is a King of Cups in future for you - someone who is very emotionally balanced, could be in a creative field. This person understands power and authority but evaluates everything with heart. If it is someone from the past it could mean a new beginning for the both of you.
    Is it an ex? The Sun and King of Cups tells me in combination that if it is someone you want to mend your ties with then being honest with each other will make things smoother between the two of you. The picture in the Sun card of girl boy looking into each other's eyes tells something about you. I can't quite understand it though, may be it is about finally coming to the same page with one another and talking things face to face!

    However, when I clarified more I got an Ace of Cups and it should confirm that it is new connection. Truly a much better time is coming for you - you will feel more in control of your emotions, joyous and intuitive. I love this card for you ❤

    From RWS tarot as well I got the cards - Ten of Cups reversed, Nine of Swords, The Fool.
    So completely in sync with the above Morgan Greer deck- in the past there has been a broken relationship which caused you immense stress. However, there is a new beginning for you which requires you to take the leap of faith. Again, i hear spiritual journey, it seems like this is a profound year for you spiritually.


    Energy Oracle - The Temple Path, Archangel Gabriel, Door to Personal Healing and Happiness
    The Temple Path card tells you that your spiritually calling is coming and you are embarking on this beautiful journey of healing and also of being service to others. Do not think that you are alone, your spiritual family is always around you and guiding you on the right path. The lights around the temple represent the spirit world - your family members and friends, angels and guides- all the loving spirit helpers who long to assist you. Open your heart to your spiritual truth and guidance will come easily to you!
    I would be very surprised if this does not resonate and you are one of those people who don't believe in spirituality lol and I apologize then

    The card of Archangel Gabriel is the card of the throat chakra, this is a time to work on your throat chakra, clear any blockages and let the energy of the Universe flow through it enabling you to have clear communication and true expression. Express yourself freely, speak your truth. It may be that in the past you had trouble expressing your feelings or standing up for yourself, but currently Archangel Gabriel is around you helping you boost your communications - you will be assertive, you will be kind and truthful. this is also a heightened time of communication with your spirit guides and angels.
    Do you sing? A writer? try journaling, may be new insights will flow when you write
    Definitely, a door has opened up for you which leads to your own personal healing and happiness! ❤ ❤

    Moonlogy - Don't let your past hold you back - This South Node card is a karmic point card, something has been playing again and again in the past or even past lives. Do you feel stuck in something? If this reading request was pertaining to any particular situation or someone then it can indicate that the situation has reached a point where it needs to be released. Or someone needs to be released. There is a need to change something and release unhealthy attachments.
    Additional meanings from the guidebook on this card are - A relationship is karmic and has played out across many lifetimes. Your attraction to someone might be verging on obsessive.
    Not sure if you are open to the idea of past lives,
    but nonetheless the advice of this card is 'If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got!'
    I hope it makes sense, it says to change the situation if it feels stagnating to you.

    I'm not sure how much resonated, the reading was kind of spontaneous , here and there.

    If you give me more clarity or a specific question, I can check again for you. But for now these were the messages that were meant to reach you ..
    ❤ ❤

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