Dear Captain! I really need your there love in my future this year???

  • Hi! Captain...hope you are well and safe. I truly need your insights right now.

    Is this year going to bring out these longing lover's hearts??

    Jennifer Ann McDonough
    Jen (Everyone calls me JEN)
    DOB: 2/15/80
    Time: 10:05 am EST
    Orange, NJ USA

    Rihul Etienne
    time of birth: unknown EST
    Newark, NJ USA

    -We met each other about 13 years ago. Every year, I see him only once, but now and then we will text and say hello over the years. There is something very deep and visceral between us. We were speechless at each other for what we felt inside ourselves from the first time we met. We feel it each time we are together.....

    Fast Forward to NOW:
    *I just saw him Friday.... Let's just say, we were both almost rushing to enfold into our deep long "hello" hug...

    -Do you see anything unfolding with him? (or let's face it, anyone else out there)?
    -I look forward to ALL of your guidance!!!

    BE WELL!
    Hope to hear from you soon,

  • @jenmcdonough6gmailcom this is meant to be more of a teaching relationship than a romantic alliance. Romance would be unstable here. But you both have much to teach each other. The traits that Rihul has in abundance - constancy, consistency, application, etc. - are precisely those that you need to develop. And you also have a great deal to offer him in the way of initiative and invention. Between you, you could build a highly creative relationship that can succeed brilliantly in impressing its talents, and even occasionally its genius, on other people. Humour is often present in this relationship, figuring prominently in the form of irony and wit. Rihul may emphasize his serious side in his interactions with other people, so he will appreciate a relationship with you for letting him give vent to his playful, even silly moods. A love affair here however can be complex since, although there is usually a base of good will, the two of you can arouse emotions in each other at a deep level, often touching dangerous shadow areas best left alone. Volcanic upheavals and truly wild expressions of feeling may periodically disrupt what is otherwise a remarkably peaceful relationship. Marriage could be a bit more even, but as spouses, the two of you would tend to feel neglected, slighted and taken advantage of (you especially since Rihul tends to be so dedicated to his career), and you would only make your displeasure known after long periods of brooding. As friends, you can be really good at cheering each other up. Should both of you fall into a serious depression at the same time, however, neither one of you may be strong enough to emerge from the pit alone, and these moods will have to run their course.

    By asking if you will ever find love, you are really asking "Am I lovable?" If you have doubts in your mind about this, you do not love and respect yourself enough. You need to raise your self-esteem until you are certain you are lovable. Spend some time doing nice things for yourself until such an aura of positivity and certainty surrounds you that you attract the right person to love you.

  • @TheCaptain wowowowowowo!!! Thank you sooo much!!! I am speechless. I am grateful. I am humble. Your insights always have helped me along this road of life, and THIS IS SPOT ON...I am glad we haven't acted on anything yet....the temptation is real, but the friendship is priceless. Thank you so much Captain!!!
    Hugs and Love and LIght,

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