Captain please read : my experience in a new age store with a empath pendant

  • I took my daughter to this new age store. We were first struck by different energy vibes in the store. She told me she could feel what the owner working was feeling. I picked up feelings of happiness from the other worker. We found these really cool display of various rocks. We both collect them 🙂 I walked past the display and I was instantly drawn to this pendant. It was a purple stone( Maybe amethyst). I didn't understand what I was feeling. It was like my instincts were drawn to this necklace. As I touched the pendant a bunch of positive energy just came at me, but in a rush of feelings of happiness. Something inside of me clicked. Like I was coming home to something for the first time. We looked around the store some more. I felt this pull towards it again. I asked the shop worker," What is that pendant for? I had this amazing feeling when I touched it" she's like "That necklace is for a empath Sounds like your instincts responded to it. That's amazing!" I was like what! So we also got a smudge stick for my house. But i told her maybe I should get the necklace if smuge stick doesn't clean the air. Ever sine my bf got first vaccine. He wasn't feeling well for 3 weeks. Then I started not feeling well like 2 too 3 days after him. Shop worker said I might ne absorbing what he's feeling and that was making me not feel well. I had my suspicions about me being a empath ( from past experiences). It has now been confirmed by a shop worker. She also said she could feel positive energy coming from me. My question: What do I do now? A piece of my puzzle has been found. I even feel a little different today. But I don't know what or how I can help people the way I want too?I How can I master this ability and where can I get information about it? Anyone have any useful info or tips for me ? Thanks:)

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