Cancer dating - needs time to gather his thoughts

  • Hi,

    I’ve been dating this cancer man for abit ..

    The back story he said sent me a text that looked like it was meant for another girl as it came out of blue mid our conversation..he then said be updated his Apple Watch and resent something be said to me a week ago

    I (being the Leo I am) May of over reacted and told him I didn’t want to play any mind games , if he was talking to other girls ..

    He then said to me

    “ I think I just really need to think about this, I’ve been in a relationship where I wasn’t trusted (while we ain’t in one) Nor gave any reason to not be trusted, and it ended up abusive, the girl I was with beat me, and would check my phone and constantly accuse me of things that just didn’t happen at all.

    I can’t go through that again and while I know you’re a great person, just the reactive message has kind of thrown me out of whack. ,

    I mean what if we were to get together in the future, it was just a bit concerning to me “

    I have previously been in a domestic violence relationship which he is aware of. I told him I would respect give him space..

    Anyways two days had passed and my impatient self sent him a heartfelt message saying sorry and expressing my feelings

    He then responded “I understand how you feel. I still need time to think about this. Thank you for giving me some space. I respect how you feel, and understand. But this has thrown a lot of alignment out from me and I need time to figure some things out”

    Should I give up on this guy or hold help he will come around ?

    I’m trying to be patient but I just felt he had a lack of empathy for me and my feelings

  • it seems like you really love him and care alot about him but i think you should if its even a bit overwhelming

  • Any dating is a risk. Even if you met a completely heathy person, no one knows what will happen tomorrow. But a cancer partner is a great responsibility, and everyone has to take a decision on his own. You can also find special dating sites and read their blogs. They sometimes offer discussions about such things.

  • @Blahboo, when a Cancer man backs away, he is usually gone for good.

  • @Blahboo He probably does have another girl. Cancers always play the victim when they feel guilty. Move on !