This relationship is getting serious are we potential for marriage?

  • It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here but would like insight on a new relationship I am in with a man I’ll call Z as I feel we are very compatible and right now we only live 2 hours away from each other but I am getting really good vibes about this relationship and honestly we both have said we could see us marrying each other. Would love to have some insight 🙂
    My birthday: 10/10/92 Libra
    Z’s birthday:08/02/92 Leo
    He is the second Leo I have been with and honestly I haven’t felt this way towards a guy since my first love 12 years ago that was also a Leo born 18 days after him in the same year and I can say for sure Z is way different of a Leo than my first love 12 years ago.

  • @LibraJustice, this can be an inspiring relationship in which the two of you share a profound emotional contact. The relationship will encourage you both to become more introspective, and you may in fact help each other to explore your own inner lives. Your psychological astuteness and your non-threatening and understanding manner may well show Z how to slow down a bit in his external striving and to know himself better and more deeply. Likewise, impressed by his willpower and determination, you should seek a true centre of strength and determination within you, knowing that simply trying to imitate his outwardly directed stance would do little good. You must not rely on him for something you can find inside yourself. A love affair here can be highly emotional, yet seldom in an outwardly expressive way. When the two of you come together, the magical chemistry of the relationship will relieve you both of any social and career responsibilities, allowing you to relax in the safety of mutual empathy. In short, the two of you can feel comfortable, safe and trusting with each other. Such an attitude bode well for marriage. The only real problem here is whether the two of you are willing to take on that responsibility, a question that may arouse indecision, despite a seeming shared desire for it. This man can have trouble falling in love, because he can confuse love with admiration. He will also want to be the boss of this relationship and call all the shots, so make sure you are OK with that before getting in too deep.

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