Libra girl /aquarius guy help!!

  • hi I wonder if anyone can help me? I was dating an aquarius guy at the start of the summer, things were goin weel for a month or so then he lost his job and called things off saying he wasn't good enough for me and he needed to find himself. being a libra I tried to be objective and understanding and we've stayed friends via text and email. what confuses me is that he'll flirt and be really attentive one day and then distant and overly polite a few days later. And everytime I try to have nithing more to do with him like not get in conntact he'll be all over me again, but if i recipricate he backs away???!! im sooo confused and hurt please help is it something i'm doing wrong?

  • Hi Rosey,

    Checkout my reply to Aries Woman / Aquarian Guy,it might answer some of your Questions,I'm an Aquarian guy.

    Good Luck.

  • Hi Rosey, checkout " ALL THINGS AQUARIUS " especialy " Analyst " report. it may help you understand us far better.

  • thanks so much tartanjock! i checked out the posts you recomended they gave me some good insights especially the analyst post it describe the guy inquestion to a t! many thanks 🙂

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