Is this my husband ?

  • I started working out online with a guy friend. I thought he was being flirtatious.. he is a Taurus - 18 May 1988. I’m the 14th October 1986.

    He comes across very stable, and a hardworker. So far he seems very patient - only downside is he wants to talk to me all the time! I value my going within time too much!

    Also his mother is a Capricorn and doesn’t live too far away , so if I was to cohabit with him then I worry she might be controlling ( More like monster in law). He said his father is super calm - like him. He ticks the boxes so far for me.

    Also if you have a good feeling then do you think he will be supportive towards me and also a good provider? I would like a family once if and when we get to that stage.

    I appreciate the insight ! Been on my own since 2018 and would like to find THE ONE ❤❤❤❤❤

  • This would be a challenging relationship for marriage. The most difficult issue to be addressed here, and the most essential, is who will shoulder what responsibility. The two of you must decide who will be the authority, and in what areas, and what standards are set. Without this focus, the relationship will probably fly apart, if it was ever much together in the first place. The problem is that neither of you is very steady, despite the capable face you may present to the world. Undependability, disinterest, procrastination, neglect - all of these and more are likely to add to the problems here. Passions may soar in love - and then just as quickly fade. Marriage is likely to be problematic unless an outlet can be found for the flamboyant and dramatic emotions that will arise. Should they be repressed, or go unrecognized, expect frustration and constant arguments. Eventually a reliable source of authority will have to be set up, particularly if you want children. You Jana have a finely honed sense of style, while your LI is more natural and tends to “let it all hang out”; in marriage, the two of you would need to agree upon the lifestyle you wish to adopt. A friendship here may suffer from lack of focus and authority. You may not become bosom buddies, since neither of you would be willing to give up much for the relationship.

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