Astral Partners and Astral Travel

  • Has anyone had romantic astral partners while astral traveling? Has anyone ever did a tarot reading confirming that the relationship took place but in a different dimension?

    I know this is a far out question, but I am just curious if anyone has experienced this?

  • Wow, I'm curious too @Bluangel27
    I don't know if astral romantic relationships happen, will wait for others to confirm. I've however felt that there is a strong bond between some of my clients and their potential partners-it looks like they had been married or loved each other, a connection even though they have not really been committed in reality as of now, I conclude then that it is a past life thing or many lives ago they definitely were together.
    I've felt this for myself as well.. there have been 2 unrequited connections for me, I often dream about them - its like we are playing 'house' different days in our married life lol. its really deep to know if they are just my subconscious mind playing tricks with me or there was a past life connect. but I never thought it in terms of astral travel connections, they do seem very real and I end up feeling as though I have actually physically hugged them during the dream. Your question hit a note with me and was like an 'aha' moment.. but its still so surreal
    That's a very deep question and I don't know if ever there will be a confirmation on this possibility.

  • @dancervibes06

    I’m just curious because I have had that happen. Astral relationships with people I don’t know in the physical but the relationship shows up in the cards.

    Unrequited love guys... I might dream about them here and there. Nothing too serious. Like a dream and they are there or I see what they are doing.

  • Hey @Bluangel27 - I'm really curious too.. hoping others reply 🙂
    When you say - 'I have had that happen' - is it a personal experience for you? How was it, could you elaborate?
    Sorry I'm being nosy. but this is very interesting and surreal, so I wanted to explore more

  • Yeah, it is a personal experience for me. That's how I know it's a thing. lol . I had an astral experience with someone and I asked the cards because I was curious about what they would say.. and it showed like an actual relationship in this physical world. Then I asked a friend that can read with or without cards and she confirmed what the cards said. It read like an actual relationship in this physical world.

  • @Bluangel27 Wow, talk about another dimension..
    looks like those movies we see showing such theories are not just fiction and there could be some reality to this ..

  • @dancervibes06

    There is some truths in movies. Now, they are being more open with it. They mentioned the astral plane in the new Disney Pixar's movie Soul.

    I'm a little surprised no one else has commented about it. This is a spiritually inclined forum. I would think people would have numerous experiences.

  • Ya right, even I was expecting some inputs here concerning this topic.

  • This post is deleted!

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