Marriage/ Long term relationship

  • What do you say about my marriage/ long term relationship. When I will get married. My DOB: 8 Dec 1988. Thanks

  • @sara007 hi Sara can u tell me about ur birth place and time? I require that for reading the chart . I'm not perfect in reading the chart I'm a beginner but I will do try .
    See we can't predict the perfect,exact time for marriage cause there are many aspects in chart that work differently for people . We can only tell the favourable time period regarding love , partnership through the chart . But there are still certain aspects that work differently for every people.

  • @Angel01 thanks here are my details:
    DOB: 8 Dec 1988
    Place: Kotli (33.5008° N, 73.9007° E) A.K Pakistan
    Time: 7:26 AM

  • @sara007 current living place also?

  • @Angel01 said in Marriage/ Long term relationship:

    @sara007 current living place also?

    Yes kotli is also my current living place.

  • Hii @sara007 I check ur chart I used placidus chart system and in that chart ur 7 house ruler is Mercury and
    from ( April 9,2025 to jun 7,2026 ) jupiter will enter in your 7 house , it will be most favourable time for partnership,love cause Jupiter bring luck , happiness, Harmony.

    •7 house represent partnership,love
    •Jupiter represent husband in girl chart
    •Mars represent boyfriend it can be husband too but jupiter is about luck,harmony so Jupiter will be more beneficial .
    And from April 9,2021 - to sep 2021 it will also be favourable time for love because ur 7 the house Lord mecrury and sun ,moon,Mars will be in 7 house so it can also represent love
    There are other transit too after 2021,in 2022,2023,2024 etc but I told u the major transit which is Jupiter entering in 7 house
    And ur Saturn transit in 7 house in 2031. There are other aspect too but for stable relationship I would suggest Jupiter,Saturn transit in 7 house

  • @Angel01 thank you so much for reading, it is very important information. I really appreciate your efforts. This is exactly what I am looking for in a reading. Again thanks for helping me

  • @sara007 I'm glad u like it😇. And thankyou for ur kind words and your always welcome.😊 And I hope u will soon find what u are looking for .
    sending u love,luck, happiness 💕💕💖💖

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