Leo man Libra lady Please Captain, help me with ur gifted reading ability!

  • Leo & i were married for 12 years. Weve never really been apart. His father passed away 2 yrs ago and he inheirited a goodly amount of money. Since then, hes become rather snobbish like hes better tgan others, including me. ive caught him in several lies, hes pulled away from me and actually tries to blame me for reacting to tge lies he told me. Have i wasted 20 yrs on him? should i move 3 hrs away where my daughter lives? im lost. hurt. angry. and fed up.
    him: 8/26/55 Leo sun/ scorpio moon
    me: 10/12/58 Libra sun/ Libra moon

  • I feel your husband is resentful of you and wants you to leave him (thus, he treats you badly) so that he can get on with a bigger social life than he has had. He is in the mood to party so he wants to be free. The money has gone to his head and he now thinks he should 'share' himself around. But I feel he will fall in with people who only want to take from him. You would do well to be out of this situation.

  • he is being selfish and inconsiderate and 12 years is a quite the long time you dont deserve a guy like that no matter who he is hes all about the riches but he should have noticed your worth more then all the money he recived!!! 12 years wasnt a waste dont give up it was an experence and a lesson tought to not ever trust someone like him because even people we love can hurt us in the end i say move as far as youd like! unless he starts seeing your more inportant!! and hes willing to share his finances with you !!

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