• Since my divorce I have been so alone. Is there any hope for the future?

  • hi, I never been in a relationship long enough to be divorced but i do know what its like to feel alone and feel like thats the way its always gona be. but there is hope, good things have a way of coming back around. its easyto say "get out there and meet new people" it does help but sometimes you can be in a crowd and still be alone. have you got friends or family you connect with, and spend regular time with? i think thats the best thing to do or if you can re-connect with old friends thats good too. also regular tarot readings help you hone your intuition to find what you really want and/or need to make you eel better. don't know if this will help as i said i've never been divorced but iwas crippled with shyness for years so i know what lonliness is. hope you feel better 🙂

  • there is time for everything. keep living your life the best you can and keep smiling. positive energy that you send out will return another positive energy, who knows it might be the person that you have been searching for or something else that your heart has been yearning. do not force yourself. if the pain is still there, you will not be able to enjoy another romantic relationship even if you hate to be lonely. give it time to heal.

  • Hi Quiltlady,

    How long has it been since your divorce? Often I think that people who rush from one relationship to another without giving themselves some time and space, end up attracting the same guy/situation again.

    I am also divorced, and believe it is better to have time alone to heal, time to find ourselves and figure out who we are and we want. Like attracts like, so if we haven't had had time to heal and sort ourselves out, we will only attract someone as messed up as we are! Know that when you are ready and the time is right, the universe will send someone your way. In the meantime, take care of and look after YOU. Sometimes, not having someone come along so quickly forces us to look at ourselves and take care of ourselves for a change and not be focused on another person.

    I've been separated from my exhusband now for just over 2 years and divorced almost a year. I have been learning who I am and what I want out of life and what is the best direction for me to take. It's been a great self-discovery, without someone else there telling me who I should be. Enjoy the timeout for now for what it is and keep faith that there will be someone for you in future when the time is right. But for now, it is all about you.

    Take care, I wish you all the best for your future.


  • Hello, I am new. I am 25, Sun in Scorp Moon in Aquarius and Rising Sun is in Capricorn. I have been with my Aries man for 9 years. I love him deeply but mentally and emotionally it seems as if there is nothing there. Even our bedroom life has lost it sparks. I have never been unfaithful but I sure do think about it. I feel horrible about thinking about being in another man's bed or another man in my mind and heart. We have two children (babies) together. Why can I not just be happy with what we have? Why do I feel like there should be more? I feel like I am maturing and starting to understand what I want and who I am but I want my children to have a home where mommy and daddy are together. Is this just a phase? or is this an epiphany? Why can't I just be normal?

  • I apologize Quiltlady..was unsure on how to start a new topic. Figured it out. Take care and I wish you the best...I wish I had some profound advice but I am lost myself!

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