• What does 2021 hold for me? My DOB is 8 Dec 1988. Currently I am single. Thanks

  • @sara007 said in 2021:

    What does 2021 hold for me? My DOB is 8 Dec 1988. Currently I am single. Thanks

    Hi Sara, I can read 4 u with my Marseilles...

  • @sara007 said in 2021:

    What does 2021 hold for me? My DOB is 8 Dec 1988. Currently I am single. Thanks

    Do you want a love reading or most general?

  • Sara, 2021 for you will be all about delving inward. While you may see yourself functioning fairly “normally,” this is a year where you’ll be heavily involved in deep inner work. It’s a spiritual year - meaning you’ll have many opportunities to assess your sense of spirituality, however you define it. This is a year where your faith and trust will be tested. You’ll feel as though you want to retreat from the static of the outside world. You’ll feel quieter and more introspective than usual, so don’t let that surprise you. This is a year of introspection and reflection, a time to analyse your thoughts and actions, and pursue studies of an intellectual or metaphysical nature that interest you. During this year, you will want to explore life's deeper truths, either looking into philosophical matters or studying natural sciences. You will find yourself better able to solve problems, and come to a greater awareness of your full potential. Let things come to you in 2021, as this is a year when big thoughts and ideas can materialize. It is a good year to carry out plans that don't require involvement from others, and a year to guard your personal "alone" time, so as to avoid feeling irritable. A time to get "centered", you may find that at times during this year you feel lonely and left out. The main lesson is to learn to be alone without being lonely, to enjoy your own company. By the end of this year, you will likely be in a position to handle life with greater insight and efficiency. Your mission in 2021 is to explore the true nature of your personal power, your relationship with money, and your true desires about manifesting in the material world. Do the groundwork that you can put into action next year in 2022, which will be terrific for getting ahead in work, career or study and all money and material matters.

    2021 for you will be a time when much healing can take place, because you are more deeply connected to your inner spirituality, and to your truth. As you are pulling together the experiences of the last several years so that you can reach your full potential, much introspection may be needed. Healing yourself can take a lot of energy and you may find you need to take resting periods away from others to process the inner changes that are now taking place. However, you may also be dreamy, and in order to keep your feet firmly on the ground, it can help if you do not cut yourself off completely from your work, family and friends. You may also feel left out of other people’s lives at times, which can create emotional fragility because you want to feel as though you belong. Issues around trust and betrayal may arise this year and be a part of your development, and health issues may need addressing. Events that take place may guide you to religion or to spirituality, or make you realise that you can’t take life for granted. This year may bring on an identity crisis as you are confronting yourself deeply, as if you are taking an honest look at yourself naked in the mirror. You are uncovering new aspects of yourself, and it may take a while before they sit comfortably with you, so you need to be patient. It’s a time of deep contemplation or - if you’re working with more destructive tendencies - big feelings of being a victim in your life. It’s also a good time for counseling or therapy, energy work, and anything else that allows you deep personal growth. You may feel more solitary than ever, yet you will be learning how to deal with loneliness and finding out more about yourself and what you really want from life. You need to truly embrace ‘you’ during this time. Old anxieties may arise and feel exaggerated if you focus on them too much, rather than getting on and enjoying your life and having some innocent fun. You can find that the last few years’ efforts pay off handsomely during 2021, not only in terms of your growth but materially too. For example, you may gain a qualification which enables you to earn more money, receive a pay rise or promotion, or buy a new house or car. Your relationships can blossom too through greater commitment: perhaps you will get married, have a child or decide to live with your partner. If you’ve previously been working on your fitness levels, they may be in tiptop, peak condition. This year can offer you a real feast on many levels as you are aligning with nature. In 2021, you may find that you act as a catalyst for changes in others’ lives, perhaps unintentionally, or you may be brilliant at motivating people to improve their lives. For example, you buy or take over management of a centre for healing, which provides competition for other centres nearby and motivates them to offer a better service, or you motivate your partner to join a gym by buying both of you a membership. You may also find that this cycle is a great catalyst for your spiritual development, which may have a profound influence upon your future. However, just because this year’s theme has to do with knowledge gathering and soul seeking doesn’t preclude carrying forward with business and with your life. This is your year to reflect, learn, and engage in personal development. It doesn’t mean languishing in suspended animation. It still will require concerted effort, discipline, and focus. Yet the tangible advancement may come later. This also doesn’t imply that you can’t make money this year! On the contrary, you can carry forward and do well financially. It’s just not a particular favoured time to launch into hyper-drive around money and finances. This is a vital pause before the start of a three-year transition cycle. It’s not the time to focus on the material world as much as it is on the higher realms of thought, identity, desire, and personal truth. The real work you’re doing this year is all internal.

    Benefits of the year:
    You’ll feel inspired to connect with your spirituality.
    You’ll feel empowered when you connect the dots between mind, body, and spirit in a practical way that works for you.
    You’ll have success when you embrace the internal journey the year brings you.
    You’ll have the opportunity to see how dealing with your experiences with frustration does not serve you and is not necessary.
    You’ll feel a deep need to delve into the ways that you can cultivate trust in yourself and in other people.

    Potential Challenges of the year:
    Be aware that you may feel lonely this year.
    Protect yourself from feelings of isolation by scheduling some breaks for yourself: weekend trips, get-togethers with friends, or meet-ups with colleagues.
    Be prepared for defaulting into cynicism. This is a great year to discern what you really believe and how you want to act on that knowledge.

    The Question you must ask yourself in 2021: “Will the “real me” please stand up?” This is the year for a retreat, sabbatical, or just additional “alone” time. It’s your soul-seeking and knowledge-gathering year.

  • @Selenite thanks you can also do love reading for me specially concerning marriage. Thanks

  • @TheCaptain thanks Captain, this reading resonates with my current situation. I am working on healing my self as I had depression last year and took medication for one year. Last year I was a very strange person, there was no sleep, and all time sad energy. I took away myself from family and friends. I forgot how to be happy. After anxiety attack some things changed and some things completely ended in my inner self. but thanks GOD I am feeling well, 2021 brings hope for happiness. I start my happy activities again. Yes little bit I am feeling lonely I don't know why but this feeling is present inside me. Let's see. I hope for best. Again thanks for reading.

  • @sara007

    HiSara007. I did a celtic cross reading....

    1 the heart of the matter. The moon.
    This card is saying that you are actually having some mood swi gs and your perception is a bit clouded so you are perceiving dark aspects of reality. Feeling that this is due to something in the past. It seems you are quite doubtful or afraid of the next step to take concerning love. Thus topic is sensitive to you. The card also suggest you have to trust your inner power to manifest and draw to you what you need, in case you are discouraged.

    2 what is crossing you. Knight of coins.

    Things are going on but you are not satisfied with them. Also related to the commitment of the wedding, it seems there are delays about organizing things about it.

    3 the root of this. Page of swords.
    Again, it seems you are nurturing doubts, something is blocking you, fear, or you believe you need more experience

    4 the past. Page of coins.
    The proposal of marriage was good, your partner or someone else wanted to help you financially for this

    5 what you should look at. 2 of coins.
    Look for flexibility, don't stick to fixed thing you have in mind. Your partner is able to help you, don't feel distance to him

    6 the future. Queen of coins.
    I sensed this one relates to you. You will finally accomplish your dream

    7 how you see yourself in this. 4 of swords
    You believe in marriage and you nurture good values about it

    8 how your partner see you. King of coins.
    He see you as a practical person, financially independent

    9 an advice. The hierophant.
    Could it be you need to hear guidance or advice to your local priest, if there are classes that you should attend in your church, like here in my country, for couples who intend to marry.

    10 the outcome. 10 of cups.
    I sense here the marriage will bring you so much happiness to share with your family and friends. A new chapter is opening and the positivity will return in your heart.

    I hope it is of an help, please let me know, thanks! 💚☘☘☘☘☘☘

  • @Selenite thank you so much for this reading it resonates with me. Yes I have some issues from past experience which are blocking me from taking actions but I try my best to move forward. Yes I believe in marriage bond ❤

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