How do they view me?

  • So i was doing a tarot spread in finding out how someone view me romantically and the emperor(reversed) showed up along with the 7 of swords(reversed). what could this mean?

  • The reversed Emperor usually means "controlling, abuse of power, egotistical." It could mean one of two things. You may be pushing for a relationship too much, or it means that the person you are into could be a very controlling individual.
    The reversed Seven of Swords usually means, "guilt or regret." Maybe you feel bad about something you did, and now you're questioning if this person still likes you, or your cards are telling you that getting in a relationship with this person will be regretful.

    I'm getting the feeling that this individual may not be what you think, and they could end up using you and will leave you to be regretful.

    If I'm wrong, forgive me.

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