Jupiter in 7th house

  • Hi,
    Is there anyone who can explain what does mean having Jupiter in 7th house in sign Taurus for Scorpio moon sign person? I have some more questions regarding this. Thanks

  • @sara007 I just realized I already posted the perfect man/mate attributes for another question you had about long term relationship. But it told me it's waiting approval on this site.
    Jupiter in the 7th house means the person wants intensity in one to one relations. It often indicates a philosophical and wise partner. They are attracted to open-minded and tolerant people in all forms of partnership not just marriage or lovers.
    The 7th house cusp is just as important as the main sign that is in it.
    A Scorpio moon in the natal chart suggests a person who is deep and passionate, and who will get what they want. They are very capable. The Moon in Scorpio indicates a mysterious, reserved person. You are not someone to be taken lightly. In your relationships, you need intensity and passion, and you can be pretty possessive.
    A lot of people have interceptions. An interception is where in more modern house systems that are not whole sign. Two opposing signs do not have a house cusp and those signs do not bear fruit. But 2 other signs are doubled in energy and definitely bear fruit.
    Without this person's chart or knowing them personally I do not know if their Moon or Jupiter is intercepted or even doubled up in zodiac energy.
    But Jupiter in 7th house definitely means the person is attracted to intense open and tolerant partnerships in all areas of life including but not limited to lovers and long term mates. Now you mention the moon too so intuitively I feel there as an aspect there. But without the house the moon is in I can't know exactly what the aspect between Jupiter there might be.

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