• what kind of music do you prefer to listen to?

  • @dasara I like a wide variety of music. From Bob Dylan to the Beetles, John Lennon, Grateful Dead.I also like 80s rock like Def Leppard. I also like more recent pop music too to switch it up. I also like instrumental music with different instruments. What kind of music do you like?

  • Hard rock (AC/DC, Kiss)
    Nu Metal (Korn, Early Slipknot, Disturbed)
    Thrash metal (Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth)
    Death Metal (Dawn Of Demise, Meshuggah)
    To download music to my device, I use flash player on mac . All I look for in music is something I know that I will enjoy listening to. There is music I like I have listened to once but never again. Some music I have been listening to everyday for years

  • @caritop I used to listen to Metallica. Ive heard of Slayer. Its really heavy metal right? Have you ever listened to a group called Stabbing Westward? They are Industrial Rock. I also left off. my list, Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones:)

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