• Can anyone help me please. My mother past away on November 5, 2021. This was during the COVID 19 pandemic. My mother was living in an old people’s home and one of the rules were if you visit you could not touch anyone. Three days /fore she die, I visited her and she had look like she was in distress, I called the nurse and told her, but she did nothing. My mother hold up and beg me to hold her hands, I could not, little did I know that that would have been the last day I would’ve seen her alive. It bothers me to this day if she died being angry with me. Or do you think that she forgive me knowing that I had to follow the protocols.

  • When you are dying - and everyone knows deep down - the little details don't matter, only the bigger picture of love. I don't feel your mother was dwelling on small matters like being angry with you.

  • @outsmarted I am sorry for your loss.🙏 It isnt easy to loose loved ones, especially in these times with covid. I have to wait before I can see my uncle in nursing home until I am vaccinated. I haven't see him since last summer when we did a drive by parade at his nursing home.

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