I had a dream my bf cheated on me. Could it bemy security or a warning he actually cheated on me?

  • I had a dream that my bf cheated on me. Is the dream actually trying to warn me. Or is it just myself feeling insecure? Since my ex husband cheated on me from before? I am not sure how to take it. Or could it be a warning from my intuition? My bd is 12-12 Thanks:)

  • Dreams are about ourselves and how we perceive things. They usually don't show things as they actually are but how we fear they are. You are worried about your BF's faithfulness because you aren't sure you are lovable enough to keep him.

  • @TheCaptain Could this insecurity be rooted in my ex husbands relationship where he actually cheated on me. Is it possible to carry over the insecurity to new relationship?

  • @TulipLilly oh yes, we all tend to base our future expectations on what happened in the past. But it is ruining your future to expect all bad experiences to repeat. We are meant to learn from the past, not relive it. Expect every new day and every new relationship to be a good one and life will be so much brighter and easier.

  • @TheCaptain Thanks for the advice! I love the way you put that! I am happy with my bf. We just keep having some health issues. I want to go back to work and I have to wait. Until the timing is better..My ex is pushing me to work so I can help him financially. But he really doesn't need the help. He has a good paying job. I help out with my kids as much as I can and so does my bf. My ex doesn't appreciate it at all.He just expects more and more. So this puts pressure on me to go back to work and it causes issues with my bf. Im taking everyday as it comes..I also working on not taking what I have for granted. ❤❤Iam not letting my ex pressure me either.

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