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  • I like doing daily tarot spreads and for my challenge of the day I got the knight of cups, the star, and 3 of wands.
    Would this mean that I’m lost in day dreaming romantically and that I should pursue those day dreams and once I do it will go smoothly? I could be completely wrong though cause I’m still new to tarot and I’m just basing my meanings on what I found online and what some books I’ve read have said. But any thoughts?

  • Hello. The knight of cups & the 3 of wands is certainly telling you to take action.

  • what would you say about the star though, where does that card come in?

  • As a challenge card, the Star would definitely indicate your inability to keep the faith/hope alive? Since it was after Knight of Cups and then followed by Three of Wands all as an obstacle the reading can be summarized as yes you have been daydreaming and have very unrealistic expectations of things today. It would be a challenge to keep yourself away from being very impractical, it means who are just wishing and hoping for things to work out on its own without executing your plans. The Three of Wands would mean you just want to wait for your ships to arrive and not taking any fruitful action.
    As a whole, it would mean you are being overly air-headed and want everything to be like a fairytale, things to fall into place on its own without actually taking any action.

    Another meaning I could interpret is if there is a situation and you are waiting for some news to come to you, then it is becoming challenging right now for you to keep your hopes/faith intact and it is getting difficult fr you to wait for the clarity to come. You want to rush the process but are forgetting that some things take time and will arrive in divine timing for you.

    Do let me know which interpretation seems more suitable to you. Its a learning process always for all of us 🙂

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