Is it over forever or there is still hope for us

  • Hi it's me my date of birth (01/march/2002)
    His date of birth (22/march/2001)
    We met first time on 23 July 2019 and
    When we met we just get together we get along with each other really well like we know each other before and I had certain dreams that come true regarding him and we had broken up now we brokeup on 28 August 2019
    after breakup we did talk but now it's been 4 month in no contact and 1.5 years since our breakup .
    But I still love him🥺🥺Is this the end ?? Or do we have a future together?

  • @Angel01 this relationship is far easier for friendship than it is for love. In whatever area the deepest sharing takes place in this relationship, be it friendship or love, spiritual or religious overtones may be apparent. The feelings involved in a love affair between you can be pure and idealistic, suggesting that the relationship has become a kind of religion for you, in which your feelings for each other acquire the status of worship. Two dangers may surface here, however: first, that the two of you will share a certain fanaticism; second, that the relationship may be too fragile to survive in a tough world. Cross-currents and complexities would be common here. A fixed, long-term relationship such as marriage or living together, is thus not particularly recommended, but still the relationship may flourish if flexibility can be maintained. Especially in the area of friendship, a loving, strong and deep bond may develop through mutual sympathy and understanding. You may be a tad threatened by this guy's direct energy however, and if you are more aggressive, you may clash with it. If however you are more passive, you may be overwhelmed and play a submissive role. (It is better for you to stand up and assert your prerogatives, since otherwise you risk submerging yourself in the service of your partner. It is even possible that the resulting loss of self-esteem may accelerate, leaving him fruitlessly trying to convince you of your worth.) You must also learn to cope with your feelings of worry and anxiety. You may however find this guy tactless, overbearing and dictatorial at times. But you will admire his ability to deal with personal or worldly matters and act on them. For his part, he may be deeply touched by the quality of empathy he can sense in you, even though he may be unable to respond in kind. When it comes to close personal relationships, this guy may be unpredictable, blowing hot one minute and cold the next which can confuse you. Yet the practical side of this matchup is by no means weak: this guy has a strong pragmatic side, and you may be surprisingly good with money. Yet these practical strengths will have to gel and blossom to be able to balance the relationship’s natural fervour and zeal. Once the relationship has been tried and rejected, however, it is unlikely to ever start up again.

    Angel01, you tend to be drawn to strong and controlling individuals, but to feel fulfilled in a relationship, you need to have plenty of freedom and space, not control. Until you find a relationship which offers you security but also gives you room to breathe, your love life may be somewhat chaotic. When you meet an authoritative but refined person with a huge heart, this can create an honest, supportive and loving relationship for you.

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  • @Angel01 to fall in love with someone, you think about them all the time. To stop being in love with someone, you must distract yourself from thinking about them. Get a new interest (maybe a hobby, maybe a new friend etc.) but do try and fill your day with anything but thoughts of your old lover. Also, if you cannot stop thinking about him, think of all that was wrong between you, and not what you hoped would happen. There were too many differences between you and different desires for the future for this to have worked out. Be realistic, not romantic.

  • @TheCaptain thankyou for your help 🙂

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