Are my cards being tampered with?

  • I do a general clearing and connection with what I call, all that is, prior to readings. Something like, with perfect love and perfect trust, show me what I need to see to make the best decision for everyone involved. I also ask that those in spirit that want the best for me and everyone involved help with placing the cards correctly.

    Despite all this, I felt that a reading I did yesterday may have been tampered with. Only because A. I was in a foul mood when I did the reading and wasnt really feeling the love ( I did the reading to help me with a difficult and major decision that's been putting me in that mood) and B. Every time I drew a card the wind would pick up in such a way that it frightened me.

    Later that evening when with my sensitive daughter, I was thinking about my question deeply and she became scared about some inaudible laughter and pointed to a corner of the room.

    I feel like I may being getting played with. Any thoughts?

  • Try cleansing your house with sage and/or incense. Something doesn't feel right. Being negative when reading the cards can attract negative entities and wrong answers.

  • Hi, It was your mood and energy that you was transferring to your cards & reading. you can also sage yourself, spriitual baths, mediate positive energy before readings.

  • Hey, first of all do not worry as negative thoughts/entities feed on our fears.
    There are many things you can try to ward off negative energies after a reading,

    • knock you deck three times with your knuckles
    • stomp barefoot on the ground and say out loud - 'cut, cut, cut' or 'tap, tap, tap'
    • 'go to light' - is another phrase you can use anytime and just blow off even if there are any negative entities they will be forced to leave
    • call upon St. Michael if your religious 🙂 or any other protection angels/ gods in your belief system
    • sage, burn incense
    • imagine a white protective light around your house and set intentions that any dark energies are not allowed in side, you only receive and send out positive white light
    • look up - 'music to release negative energies from home' on YouTube, there are many videos with audio frequencies you can play for 15-20 mins and you will feel your space lighter for sure

    Sometimes its all in our thoughts, try to meditate, think positive and release yourself of any negative thoughts. Call upon your spirit guides and angels, and believe that you and your space is protected and no other energies have power over you. A simple thought can manifest itself in reality.. love and light your way ⚕ 🌠 ☪

  • Your emotions can affect the extraction of the cards, so whenever you will do it again, try to be completely calm, do not think about anything, especially avoid doing it while affected by strong feelings, because this can affect the result.

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