Scorpio man is not possesive?

  • Hi, I’ve been dating a scorpio man for a year. As a pisces woman, I feel like we both click with each other very well. But the question is, how come my scorpio man is not possesive at all? He’s not even getting jealous when I try asking him if I could go with a guy friend for a lunch.
    I tried asking him why he doesn’t mind me going with a guy friend and he said that he trusted me and that’s how he shows how he loves me by giving me freedom.
    Is it really a scorpio man? I mean I’ve read some posts about scorpio and they said scorpio man is controlling, super jealous, possesive etc, but why my scorpio man doesn’t act like that? Is it because his moon sign is in sagittarius?

  • What is his exact birth date? And yours?

  • @TheCaptain hello ^^ his birthdate is on november 3, 1997 while mine is on march 7, 1998

  • Hi, If you want to know about your partner love & affection , knowing his venus sign can help you better undestand him, his venus sign may not be scorpio.

  • This can work out well for a long-term love relationship but this guy will want to run the show, even if it is not obvious. This is a highly seductive relationship however, and not just physically. Attraction and desire play a large role here, but the relationship’s magnetism works not only between the two of you yourselves but between you as a pair and a goal you covet, whether social, financial or family oriented. The relationship brings out your most determined sides, enabling you to achieve together what you might not achieve alone. Usually, though, this will be more to your benefit, typicalpiscesgirl. This relationship suggests an easy, sensuous orientation and can be very tightly knit. In some ways, in fact, it can be indissoluble, since your shared watery nature is already so fluid. Yet you both have another side as well, an earthy one, which is intensely practical and responsible. At times, conflicts can arise between these two sides, with one pulling toward relaxation and procrastination, the other toward action and effort. A love affair here can be highly secretive. Family members and friends may think they know what goes on in private between you, but they will usually be wrong. Much of the relationship’s psychological import is often hidden from the two of you yourselves, and you may not be terribly interested in self-analysis. Marriage might prove more successful than a love affair however, since it would satisfy your shared need to take on responsibilities. Strong business or career ties could be the cement holding the whole thing together.

    With the ability to keep calm under the most intense pressure, your Scorpion can be extremely cool, sometimes ruthless. At times he may appear to be hesitant or passive, but all the while he will be simply waiting for the right moment to strike out and achieve his goals. If there is one thing, however, that can unsettle his masterful self-control, it is defeat or failure. He is a terrible loser and, instead of trying to find alternative solutions, he may waste tremendous energy on self-recrimination and in some cases, this can lead to depression. Because of his self-control, it may seem as if he is entirely non-possessive and non-jealous, but that could change after you make a definite commitment. Although your Scorpion can be overwhelmingly negative at times, the upside is that when things are going well, he can be energetic, charismatic, pleasure loving, and stimulating. He can also be compassionate and supportive during these moments, with a deep understanding of the feelings of other people. Unfortunately, when it comes to understanding himself, he can lack similar insight, so he should look deep within to understand why the need to win can sometimes overpower the need to feel happy. Idealistic and romantic, he can’t see the point of a half-hearted relationship. He wants to be involved with someone he can share his heart and life with; anything less is simply a waste of his energy. He longs to find his soul mate and, like most things in his life, what he wants, he will tend to get.

  • @Angelic-Goddess77 Hiii ^^
    Well yeah that’s true, I’ve checked both of our charts and yes, his venus is in sagittarius, while mine is in aquarius.
    Also, most of his charts are dominated by sagittarius and aquarius, while mine is dominated by aquarius and pisces.
    I’ve thought that it might be because of that, but I still can’t believe how my scorpio bf can be so different from others.
    My father was a scorpio (oct 30) and he was obviously possessive about my capricorn mom. My pisces friend has a scorpio bf too, and he is very possessive of her. So I wonder why my boyfriend is not like a typical scorpio man

  • @TheCaptain wow thank you for the detailed reply, it’s nice to know that our relationship is considered to be good overall, I feel very in tune with him, so even though he’s not being all jealous and possessive towards me, I still can feel his sincere love hehe
    It’s just that I’m curious as to why he is different from other scorpio, and thanks to you now I know that he has a really good self control over himself. Now that I think of it, whenever we fought with each other, he needs time to think and to cool his emotion before he approach me to talk it out.

  • People born with Venus in Sagittarius live for adventure. They value freedom and are high spirited and candid. They're sensitive to any kind of limits on their movements, and if their partner is more security-minded, they might find that tough to take. There's a defiant edge to Venus Sagittarius, as they move freely and seek variety in love and among friends. They can be a tease at times and can appear light-hearted in relationships. But they also recognize and are drawn to people who are purely motivated and will be turned off by potential lovers who are somehow sketchy or non-committal. It's easy for other people to be with them since they're so jovial and fun. They're very social, and want to experience everything firsthand, preferably with other free spirits. Sagittarius is a sign "sans frontiers," and anyone with this sign in Venus will want to broaden their horizons through travel, and they enjoy meeting people from diverse cultures. They like to philosophize and explore the world of ideas with other inspired minds.
    Love and Dating
    The social calendar of a Venus Sagittarius is often full because they are a collector of friends and lovers. Often they're one and the same since having a strong friendship is important to them in love. They're not into emotional drama and will hightail it out of a heavy or over-analyzed relationship. Play, travel, soaking up the nightlife, discussing world cultures - these things bond them to a partner-in-adventure. It may take a while before they commit to one person, and their experimental side means they'll be curious about all things sexual (especially for a Scorpion). They'll play the field for a long time, as part of their overall quest for experience.
    Jovial Friends
    They are likely that person who waves to all their "friends" as they're walking down the street. And they're always meeting new ones, because of their outgoing, curious nature. Friendships enlarge their world, and with their global focus, they could end up with friends in every port. They're idealistic, and can be a source of inspiration for others. Some might doubt their sincerity since they cast such a wide net, and they tend to singe more sensitive types with their too-blunt honesty. They're compatible with those on the go, ready for adventure, without the need for a whole lot of emotional bonding.
    The Big Attraction
    They've got a friendly demeanor that opens doors and makes people take notice. Usually, they're joking and having fun, and people want to be part of that. It's easy for them to get to know people, and this often leads them to make romantic liaisons quickly. They're someone who can make dating fun since they're so light about it all. They may be quick to get intimate, but that doesn't mean they're ready for one partner. Some might not understand their need for complete freedom, mostly from emotional entanglements. The right partner will have their own 'joie de vivre' and be as active as the Venus in Sag person.
    Creative Expression
    There could be many outlets for their spontaneous style - music, comedy, storytelling, theatre, etc. They'd make an engaging teacher since their students would appreciate the mix of intellectualism and humour.
    Winning Their Heart
    When Venus in Sagittarius is looking for love, they're looking for someone who can expose them to new experiences. Their travels might be where they find many of their lovers. In fact, they may even end up with someone from a different culture entirely. They have a tendency to idealize their mate, but it's a long, hard fall for the lover when they turn out to be less than perfect. It's not hard to win Venus in Sag as a casual partner, but getting them to commit is usually a matter both of timing, and the other person having most of the right stuff. It's important for Venus in Sag to seek out those also looking for adventure, variety, freedom, or they're liable to unwittingly break a few hearts along the way.