Looking for a second opinion on a reading

  • Hello. I just started dating someone new and he is very different than anyone I have dated before. I’ve been divorced for 1 year and am having trouble trusting men.
    I asked the cards if this is the right man for me. I have been reading only for myself for about 9 months now and this is the most unusual reading I have gotten. There seams to be a lot going on here. I would like any advice on interpreting this reading.
    I used the Celtic cross reading. I wrote down the names of the positions just for clarity on how I lay the cards. I use Rachel Pollack books for my readings.

    1. The Chariot (current situation)
    2. Page of Swords (crossing)
    3. Temperance (basis)
    4. King of Swords (recent past)
    5. 4 Pentacles (possible outcome)
    6. The World (near future)
    7. The Hierophant (myself)
    8. The Sun, reversed (environment)
    9. The Lovers, reversed (hopes and fears)
    10. King of Pentacles ( outcome)

    The Pentacles in the 5 and 10 positions are especially confusing.
    Thank you!

  • So with the chariot in the current spot my immediate thought is "going with the flow"
    And the cross with page of swords, looking at the possible challenges has me thinking, Are you jumping to conclusions? moving to fast? big ideas to soon?
    So when we go into three, Temperance, what to focus on, I'm seeing a huge sign saying, slow down, take your time, be patient for the information you are seeking to come to a head.
    WIth the king of swords, in place four, Maybe you have felt more in control over things in the past, more aware of whats been going on and maybe not being in control has lead you to this card reading, like you sayd you started dating some one knew and this guy is "different" kind of throwing you off your game maybe?

    Now this 5th one is interesting as you have it marked as possible out comes but i know it as Strengths, so we will look at it both ways.
    So first with the possible out come, this goes back to the king of swords and maybe your trying to gain control again and maybe that's to much control. Perhaps your trust issues cause you to be a bit possessive in your mind. Or maybe its just enough control and your really getting a hold an everything.
    Looking at it from the perspectives of your Strengths, you are probably really good and self protection and creating a bubble around so as to stay in control of your experience and not "get knocked off your horse"
    For 6, it looks good, you will feel completed with in yourself in the near future which is a nice thing to hear. A sense of wholeness looks good on any one.
    For 7, you have it marked as yourself but i know it as the suggested approach,
    either way the Hierophant is a card of tradition, and tried and true methods. Doing what works, what you know works and going about things in a methodical by the book way. What ever that means for relationships.
    With the sun reversed in place 8, you have it as environment and i know it as " what you need to know" Which i thhink will make more sense to you. The sun reverse is saying youve been jaded, youve been damaged by your past and its time to let go of that and be free again. Its time to be light hearted and heal those wounds so you can move into a free, happier more playful way of life.
    Place nine, with hopes and fears seems pretty straight forward being the lovers, as the lovers reversed speaks of being out of tune with those you love and things just not flowing like they should.
    The king of pentacles is in a really good placement whether its just talking about you or your relationship it looks good.

  • @Magdalayne thank you so much for your interpretation! This sounds very accurate for me and where I’m at!

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