I need help!

  • Hey everyone, I have been practising tarot for a few months now and slowly starting to get a feel for everything.

    My issue is, I pulled my deck out began shuffling. The devil card flew out I picked it up put it back in and continued shuffling. I did a weekly spread and finished and started shuffling for a different spread and the devil card flew out again! This happened 4 times! I pulled 3 more cards asking spirit why this card was important to me right now.

    I pulled: 3 of pentacles, the emperor and the hierophant all in upright position.. can someone give me some insight on what these cards mean together and how they feel it ties to the devil card?

    Thank you L&L

  • Hi @Tarotlover - I never ignore repeater cards, once in a while they just get stuck to every reading whether I do for others/myself unless you acknowledge them lo.l. I believe these are messages from our spirit guides/higher self to learn something important. May be we haven't understood the card meaning properly and need to take the action in our own life to grow spiritually. And the Devil card is definitely a very important major arcana card. Last year, even I had this card flying up for me for many days unless I learnt the method to acknowledge and implement the card in reality. 😛
    You did the right thing, by asking the question on its significance.

    Devil - is a card of bondage, attachment, feeling stuck, addiction, negative traits, or being dominated by someone. how does this feel relevant to your life?
    Are you dealing with addiction? Or negative thoughts? Or being submissive to a domineering partner or colleague?

    From the clarifying cards, it seems like this stuck situation is related to your work place/ learning. Three of Pentacles is about team work, professional community or higher education. and it is amazing to see the presence of Emperor and Hierophant which are both cards of mentors. Do you feel stagnated in your workplace? Or your career seems not to be thriving the way you would want it to be?
    Unless this represents you being dominated/bullied by a senior colleague at workplace, then it could mean that in order to grow more professionally you need to invest in more learning, courses under a senior mentor. There should be someone more experienced in their area of expertise you can help and mentor you gain more knowledge. Emperor also suggests more disciplined, structured routine for you and Hierophant suggests traditional, moral and ethical ways of seeking education/training. It could also signal a spiritual guru for you, if you are looking for one!

    Look at the Devil card more closely, which symbols pull you in? It may not be the traditional meaning of the devil card, but some other thing that resonates with your situation! The reappearance of the Devil card is a sign definitely to take back your control and handle the situation which is causing a stuck feeling for you.

    I hope you get your answers 🙂

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