Pisces man trust issues

  • I don’t know if anybody will read this but I’m as all time low in my relationship with a Pisces man. As a cancer women I thought I was a emotional rollercosatser until I got with my boyfriend who proved me wrong . From the start he has had trust issues and always accuses me of cheating I don’t give up on those who I feel I need in my life so I chose to stay and help him with his trust . I’m a very sensitive and emotional person who will express there feelings and every emotion felt so our arguements are intense . This last incident has drove me to a point where I don’t even know what to do or say to him anymore. This man after 5 years being by his side taking every hit or mental game he thrown at me . I don’t understand how he can see me as a unfaithful female when I literally keep my head down ignore any altercations that will have him wondering because I want to heal his trust issues as much as I can . I don’t believe he will truly commit the way I am emotionally and trust that I am fully devoted to him . Any minor convenience will blow him up to his insecure side I don’t know how to handle him without getting as emotional as I do . I love him so much and I don’t want anybody in this world but him , but I don’t see this working if he can’t trust the whole person I am . How do I deal and engage with him so he can truly understand and listen to me without us arguing or me getting my feelings hurt and crying .

  • What are both your birth dates?

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