Target of Ex’s Love Magic

  • Hello, all. New to the site. Apologies...this is a long one...if anyone takes the time to read it I just want to give a huge thanks in advance.

    I went to a clairvoyant whom I see regularly back in October. Using tarot, a devil card came up for which they warned me about the possibility of a woman using love magic on me. They said the goal of that love magic would be to stop me from being with anyone else. I found that interesting, since my recent dating efforts had gone nowhere (very unusual for me). I listened to what he said but didn’t worry too much, I thought maybe my recent issues were coincidental and that what he said was maybe just a warning but not a situation I was actually in at present. I don’t want to go into detail, but in the ensuing weeks I saw all my dating efforts just completely stall. Like, there were women I would see a few times, not in a very serious or pressured way but also not totally laissez faire, and then they would just disappear. For this to happen occasionally would be normal, I don’t expect to never be rejected. But to happen every single time suddenly? Something was different. Even as recently as last summer, I was having a lot more success and interest from women.

    Now, I know the first question is to ask is there something with me that is causing this. Fair question. I don’t think so. If anything, I have gotten in better shape. My health, hygiene areas good as ever (I can attest because I have met and hooked up with women I met before this period before and their interest has not waned in the slightest---this is something affecting people I am newly meeting it seems). Career continues to be solid. I am the same dude, reasonably confident, respectful, knows how to banter, etc. I am pretty sure that I am the same guy who’s had a lot of success in dating before. So in helping to address this, I ask you to please just assume that what I am saying here is the case.

    Who might it be? I believe I know who (and I went to two other clairvoyants who corroborated this and even gave me details they couldn’t have known about). I have an ex I broke up with over 3 years ago. We have stayed in touch as friends (which was a terrible idea). She was controlling, pathological cheater, manipulative. Basically a nightmare. I broke things off with her. Anyway, we stayed in touch but never hung out in-person. But recently (late last year) she was being strange. We video chatted a few times and she was a little too “dolled up” and she was selling herself, talking about how much she has changed and matured and yada yada without my asking. It just seemed disingenuous. Then a few times she was inviting me to come and stay with her, “You’re always welcome to stay” and this kind of stuff and vaguely alluding to us being together.

    I never took her up on any of it obviously, but knowing her ways and history and what the first clairvoyant had told me I looked into it more. As I said, it was corroborated by two other clairvoyants, one even told me something specific she couldn’t have known (there’s a very particular photo she wanted me to have that helped to reinforce the spellwork). It seems she has been doing stuff for a while, but perhaps had recently stepped up the efforts or strength considerably. I was also told that she is extremely jealous and that when she wants something, she is relentless. It is about ego and power for her. She is delusional, she basically views me as her property and will not take no for an answer. She will stop at nothing.

    I tried two rituals, one I did myself (was recommended) and the other with a powerful practitioner who has helped me a lot in the past (also one of the two corroborating clairvoyants). Not only have things not changed, they seem to have worsened. I mean, like I said, dating is going absolutely nowhere, not on any level. It is completely different from normal. A week ago I blocked her on all social media, blocked her phone number, on WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc.---everywhere. My fear was breaking away was only going to make her more determined and this is probably what has happened.

    I want to move the hell on and not have to deal with this crap anymore. I want absolutely nothing to do with her, consciously, subconsciously, unconsciously. We are not for each other. I never used black magic or love magic on anyone, so it is extremely frustrating for me. I basically feel like I am in a prison and no matter how hard I try to get on with my life and meet someone, this energy is interfering. I am asking someone to please help give me a solution to break away from this energy so that it is no longer affecting my romantic and dating life, so that my free will and independence are restored.

    Thank you so much for your patience.

  • @no_muthi_09 Fasting and don't contact her. Pray or download a prayer online. Sage and egg cleanse are optional. But if you are comfortable youtube prayers work in tounge they eliminate the block and it's up to you to fast and cleanse yourself to stay new. Now if you allow her in then you'll just have this issue as long as you allow her to control you by letting her in

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