Help Interpreting a Tarot Reading - Career Change

  • Hi everyone 😊

    I’m new here and I need some help interpreting my last tarot reading ( about changing jobs ).

    Context : I’ve been employed for 6 month now ( first job after uni ) but despite loving what I do I don’t like the company I work for precisely the management style.

    Basically the company overwork it’s employee without showing gratitude and my manager is a controlling/ perfectionist micromanager which make working there pretty difficult on a daily basis.

    3 people were employed before me for this role : 1 left after 5 month, another one got fired after his probabtion ( 6 month ) and the third one got his probation extended ( to 9 month ) and got fired at the end.

    Then me and my probation also got extended despite my manager saying I was doing a good job.After getting this news I decided I had enough and started looking for another job. I already managed to get interviews next week. One for a company and a job I really like.

    I did a career tarot reading without asking any specific question. Just to get a global idea of my future career situation.

    I did a « cross tarot reading » :

    1 card : represents me and the positive influences regarding the question ) : The world

    2 card ( the challenges/ obstacles) : The hierophant

    3 card ( Global influence ) : The Star

    4 card ( Results ) : The moon

    5 card ( synthesis / conclusion ) : The temperance.

    Also, a few weeks ago I did 2 general tarot reading and I also got the hiérophant, the moon and the temperance in almost the exact same position, so I feel like the cards are trying to tell me something.

    I would love to get your opinion about it, should I change jobs am I going to find something else ?

    Also I apologise for any spelling mistake I’ve made ( English is not my native language)

    Thanks a lot 🙂

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