I always go for Aries guys!

  • Hey, I'm a Pisces women. Almost all of my exes have been Aries, I love strong confident guys and a guy who takes control. I think I am quite a girly girl and so I am naturally attracted to a manly man and I like a lot of things about them little things like how they like it when I put sexy underwear on. However all these past relationships have ended in the same way, he gets bored and ends up cheating! After my last relationship I decided I wasn't going to date Aries guys anymore and I went on a date with a few other guys (a Cancer, a Leo and a Capricorn) but kinda got friendship vibes from all of them. About a 3 weeks ago I met another Aries guy online and he is 100% my usual type. I told him after a few days I wasn't really interested but this made him like me more and he kept persuing me and we have since been on 2 dates and I really like him and am kinda falling for him but idk if I want to be with him as I have had bad experiences with similar guys before. I really want to settle down now and find a husband. He is a bit older (he is 36 I am 26) so hopefully he is a bit more mature than my exes. What do you think I should do? What other signs do you think I would be more compatable with? Also is there a way of keeping a man like that interested when you are actually in a relationship with him?

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