can i please have a reading about my boyfriend and I? Do u see it improving and also how to improve the situation with communication??

  • My bf and I got in this fight. I was talking and he before I could finish making my point. When I told him to let me finish what I was saying(nicely). He took offense and yelled at me to shut the fuck up. I had a helpful suggestion about his health problem. But he didn't think I was being helpful. He said he knew what i was trying to say. It seemed like he thought I was being redundant. He really hurt my feelings and he thinks I am over reacting. Do you see our communication improving? I have ADHD and sometimes it takes me longer to make a point. Cause my brain synapses are going really fast. He said he tries to be mindful of that. But I don't think he is being fair. What can I do to for him to understand me better when I talk? I thought I was trying to help and I don't think its nice to yell at someone like that. I told him that I don't put up with that kind of behavior. His reaction was to get really mad and he accidentally broke a dish because of it. I want to add. He's not normally like this. He is having health problems and isn't able to get a decent night rest in past couple of weeks. But I told him, if I acted like that to him he wouldn't appreciate it and would probably break up with me if I acted like that. He said respect is given if respect is earned. It really upset me. My bf is 12-12 and his is 06-24. I want us to get along and not fight. We were so happy together before. How do i get back to that? What can i do to make situation better? I feel like Alice going down the rabbit hole.

  • Ask not what you can do for your BF but what both of you can do together.
    A couple should be a team and not just one accommodating the other.

  • @TheCaptain we do work together well like a team. But we need work communicating with each other. I want to fix it obviously. I just don't know how to. I can see myself repeating same mistakes before when i was married..Its not a nice feeling. Making the same mistakes over. I feel like there is a life lesson to be learned here. But also having adhd sometimes it doesn't help in the communication department. It adds to the problem. Because I don't mean to but sometimes I will jump over(while talking) to the next thing that pops into my mind. It can be hard for me to make a point sometimes. Especially if I get frazzled. I think it comes off to my bf as something else. Does that make any sense? Its kind of hard to explain.

  • Do you get treatment fo the ADHD?

  • @TheCaptain I am taking medication for it. It helps a lot. It is not a total fix, but it's a big improvement. Also, we are doing much better now. I understand more that my suggestion wasnt as helpful as I thought I was being. Anyway, I will always have to be mindful to try not to jump around when I talk to other subjects. But its hard sometimes i forget. He will have to be able to accept me as I am and the same goes for me. There is only so much i can do with it

  • @TulipLilly my family also wants to go on this trip. Im hoping that we can all get vaccinated for covid before trip. Do u see us being able to go on it? Or do u see my bf and I going on it at all? Thanks:)

  • @TulipLilly When would you go?

  • @TheCaptain The trip is in june 9th through june 14th. I really want to go with my kids and family. Its supposed to be very scenic and pretty. I just pray I get my covid vaccine in time. Do u see me going on a trip with my kids and family and possibly my bf too? Or is it a pipe dream (for me)?

  • @TulipLilly this year will be a great one for you, bringing you much insight and growth and inspiration. It is entirely possible that you can get or do whatever you want this year. In June, prepare to get busy. You may either be creating a masterpiece of some kind or you’ll be getting together with friends and colleagues. It may be a brain=storming session where you set a group goal or a get together with others who share the same spiritual values. Make plans to hang out with friends or co-workers. If you are feeling artistic or creative, put your work out there. This month is perfect for getting the exposure that you need. Just don’t overspend or overdo it on the partying. For the most part, this month will be exciting, creative, and social. Enjoy it!

  • @TheCaptain Thanks Captain for the insight! This makes me feel a lot better. Your information is always so insightful:) Thank you!

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