I need advice.

  • I asked my cousin about these cards I pulled she said that I’m doing good and this man is gonna get in my way. I pulled king of swords, the fool, the star and the empress. I also asked if we were gonna be in a relationship and I pulled a yes card. Also pulled him as two of wands and the world for his personality. Just wanna know if it’ll be super toxic or a learning experience I gotta experience? Thanks for the help!!!

  • @Primadonna-girl Hi dear, for your four cards what was the original question?
    It will depend on the exact question and help place the King of Swords in perspective.

    If I understand correctly, you were checking relationship potential of you and this man?
    Or question was about love reading in general - both pan out differently!

    Whenever I pull a court card I pull a second clarifying card for it.- (this is my way, not necessarily the correct way but something which I find accurate and easier)
    for example if you pulled King of Swords, draw another card to conclude if this is a person in your life or if you are being advised to imbibe the qualities of King of Swords. So if the 2nd card drawn is another court card like a page, king, queen, knight it definitely points to a person in your life, if it is a non-court card it is an advice for you. This second card then goes back into the pile and do not derive any interpretations from it.
    So your fool card is here not truly a card for your interpretation hence your understanding that this will result in toxic relationship doesn't hold true. Don't think 'getting in your way' is the correct interpretation for it. It is an advice for you to be inheriting the personality of a King of Swords.
    Then to me, the other cards seem very positive. and overall the reading is a good one.

    I would recommend checking this again with an exact question for the cards and tell your tarot deck which position will denote what. Like 1st position situation, 2nd advice, 3rd outcome for you. And remember if you pull a court card you need to ascertain if it a person or an advice. and then if you want you can pull clarifier for each of these for more understanding.

    hope it helped you and didn't confuse you more 🙂
    And if there is already a person in your life who is a air sign, then everything changes accordingly!

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