how can i choose the right pet for me?

  • how can i choose the right pet for me?

  • Try to use astrology. House 6 is responsible for pets in the map. In my case, the boundary of the 6th house falls in the sign of Aries, that is, the ruler of the 6th is Mars (dogs). Mars stands in the 10th house, which is responsible for the top of society - these have always been purebred dogs.

  • choosing a pet has always been very difficult

  • Do you want to have a pet or do you already have a pet? Then it will be useful for you to find out about your compatibility with it. With the help of numerology by date of birth, you can find out which animal will suit you in temperament, will bring joy and good luck to the house. By the way, this is how I chose pets for myself. It was a hamster that approached me and I decided to buy a couple of these pets (I didn’t regret it). Keeping a hamster doesn’t require much space, and buying food and hygienic bedding will not hit your budget. Of course, you need to keep the animal in a comfortable hamster cage . It is much easier to care for a hamster than for other pets. It is enough to wash the cage once a week and change the filler, regularly feed the pet and pour water into its drinker. The hamster eats very little, is not prone to overeating, and he always hides part of the food in reserve in his house.

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