Has anyone else tried past life regression with Nicky Sutton (its on youtube)How did it work for you?

  • I tried this recording on youtube called Past Life Regression_Guided Meditation by Nicky Sutton. Your basically meditating and then you picture yourself floating on a cloud. You feel super relaxed. Then when your really relaxed , your picturing a field and a walking path lined with trees that blow during a sunny day. Then what looks like a doorway that has flowers and vines on it comes up. You walk through it, and your supposed to see images from a past life. I actually saw something the first time. Im feeling pleasantly surprised. But, I saw a young woman dressed in a flowy dress, her hair was down and she was dancing with someone. I couldn't see who she was dancing with. Then same image of the same young lady but now a older married woman with her hair put up nicely, she was dancing with her husband. Then the picture changes to a coffin. I think it was a loved one that died. Because I felt a deep sadness, mourning. I am assuming it was my husband from a past life that died. Then I see a carriage after that. I also saw a man with a hood hiding his face. I don't know who it was or why I couldn't see his face? Then after the guided mediation recording was over. She guides you back through the doorway and she helped me to come out of the past life regression. It waa really intriguing and I actually took a nap afterwards . I was tired.
    Has anyone tried this recording on youtube? If so,what results have you experienced from this? 😊

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