Pisces man has left me broken.

  • I started dating a Pisces man in September of 2020. It could not have been a more perfect first date. We sat on a bench and talked for almost five hours and it was clear we were both very smitten with one another immediately. For about two months we saw each other regularly each week. He would come over after work on a weeknight and I’d cook dinner and we would watch a movie, and then we would see each other on Saturday’s usually. We talked every day through text and phone calls. He told me up front he wanted to take things slow but we slept together and did everything a couple would do but he didn’t want a title. I went along with it but he knew it was something I struggled with because I wanted a deep connection and committed relationship. So jump to December around Christmas time and we didn’t see each other for the week before during or after Christmas. Including New Years. We had gotten into a disagreement about me feelin like we weren’t spending enough time together and he became really distant and we barely spoke those three weeks. After the new year it seemed like things were getting back to normal again and then we started seeing each other inconsistently again. I brought it up and this time he completely shut down. I didn’t hear from him for three days straight until I called and asked him to please discuss this with me. He acted like he didn’t know what I was talking about and he was very cold and short and said he needed to think about things. When I said does that mean if we aren’t seeing each other or talking that we aren’t dating anymore? And he said I guess if you put it that way then no we aren’t dating. That was the last I heard from him and two days later he was back on bumble dating site. I am heartbroken and confused and I feel like I am coming undone over a ghost. It’s like he never cared about me at all. I’m devastated. Why would he just shut me out like this and not want to just fix a simple issue?