Just had someone give me a tarot reading and..

  • Hey,
    So this is what I got from my friend.
    I'm not sure about whether her interpretation was right or wrong because lately I've been getting all kind of answers, and I don't feel she was right to the point about it.I asked her about an ex lover and what's going on between us?
    She did a 5 card spread
    1 card: the star
    Second cars:the lovers
    3rd card: 4 of wands
    4th card: knight of cups
    5th card; three of swords.
    Anyone here willing to give me their own interpretation? I haven't talked to this guy in a year now...thanks

  • @JJ2
    A quick summary of these cards re my thoughts and opinion .. it speaks of hope, wishes, a sense of trying to light within the darkness, There is a need for some choices to be made, to find a sense of passion within self, wanting to celebrate , take a moment for temporary pause, there may be some news arriving, what type of news unsure, do you truly want to accept it, while the 3 of swords speaks of heartbreak, a sense of betrayal... so looking at these cards overall there may be hope within you but it may not turn out as you hope but you may find yourself left with a sense of sadness, so it is important for you to pause a moment, celebrate your own achievements (4 of wands) The Lovers speak of choices to be made,, it can be about what is right for you personally, a sense of acceptance within the relationship...

    Remember different readers may interpret the cards slightly different, depending on their method for reading the cards, the deck used , their own personal interpretations of the cards ... Take care