Who can help me reading this cards?

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    What I read is that we are in trouble now but we are coming together and wil fix our problem.

  • @Selin
    Looking the cards.. We begin by looking at the Sun card influenced by the 9 of cups.. speaking of sun shining on the situation, happiness influenced by wishes, wanting emotional gain, 3 of swords does speak of a sense of heartbreak, while the 4 of swords speak of taking time out, a moment to reflect upon what is of value at this time... IN the past it was about learning to look beyond the illusion, to see below the surface, to use your abilities to move ahead, to manifest your reality, The future speaks of choices to be made so you can move slow and steady ahead... You may find yourself in isolation , meditation, learning. as you move through transformations, changes happening, may find yourself looking more at the past memories that held you in that moment, final outcome speaks of working hard, making a commitment to finish the task needed ... ( a quick thought of what the cards could mean ) take care

  • @hekatesxing dear thank you for your response, I appreciated very much. ❤🙏

  • @Selin
    You are welcome ...

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