Salary increase question

  • Hello!
    I searched the internet for information, but never found my question..
    Yesterday I received my first business cards since I'm in the company, already 3 years.
    On Monday, the boss came and told me that I had to apply for termination of the contract to the current company (which is owned by his wife) and sign a new contract from 1.03 of his company.
    I bought Tarot cards about 8 months ago, but I don't know how they are interpreted at all - from time to time for small things and I choose and read on the Internet, which I know gives only guidelines, but no specific answers.
    Yesterday I drew 3 Tarot cards with the question "In the new contract, will I have a salary increase?"
    The cards are as follows and I downloaded them in this order:

    1. Ace of cups
    2. 3 Swords
    3. King of the Wands.

  • Hi @despharm I'm Cybee
    I think I could be too late to answer this seeing as it was two days ago. You probably have your answer as you said in your post, presuming that 1.03 was the time of signing the new contract.
    As for those cards, well all I am getting from them is that there is a strong influence around your boss, the man/husband. I also wanted to look at more than just those 3 cards and found some very interesting information regarding this job and events that lead up to why things changed.
    Over a period of about 8 months now there has been all sorts of communications and rumours about big changes in the company. I think most of you knew this was coming for quite some time. I also noticed that you absolutely love this job and feel at times your loyalty isn't noticed or taken into consideration. You seem to be quite nervous sometimes and let things play on your mind too much. Try and calm yourself down with yoga or meditating of some kind. I'm fairly sure that what you want is coming your way, keep your friends close and the two mature female colleagues will help you when needed. Because of all the other issues in your life at the moment this job is paramount and you will be rewarded when the right time comes. Some of your issues have been quite clouded but all will come clear in the coming months.
    Stay safe, don't give up and I hope this has helped.
    If you want to see the reading I did for you, please let me know and I'll post it as a reply to this post.

  • To be honest, I don't believe in tarot cards, because work-related issues can't be solved with the help of some kind of cards.

  • That's for sure, I don't understand at all why people do it instead of really working on finding a job or increasing salary. When I needed a job with a higher salary than I had, I looked for options here. It’s much better than just sitting there complaining and playing tarot cards in the hope that you’ll get an answer that is unlikely to help.

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