Can someone give me a reading on thise new love interest?

  • My b-day 8/2/76
    Her b-day 1/31/81

    She is a frontline worker and it is a crazy time for her.
    Send her a b-day greeting on FB, she likes it, but was radio silence on my PM to her.
    Is she not interested or a typical Aquarius move.
    I don't know if I should stop because she is not interested, I don't want to keep bothering her if she is indeed not interested.
    Or she is "testing" me, like some had suggested and I should stick around.
    Please help

  • She finds you come on a bit too strong, but at the moment, love is the furthest thing from her mind. Give her space or she will bolt.

  • @TheCaptain Thanks, I will back off and wait for her to get back to me, or reach out again in a couple of weeks.

  • Hi @TheCaptain, can you give me some insight?
    I am giving her space, we are only connected on facebook, but I am concern that if I gave her too much space (as in months), she might lost interest, given if there was any.
    Depending on how the pandemic goes, I plan to reach out to her for a Christmas greeting or should I send her a message every now and then to keep the connection?

  • @lostleo send one more message of support, then say you won't bother her anymore unless she wishes it. Then the ball will be in her court.

  • Thanks @TheCaptain 🙏
    I will reach out to her next month, march was when we first met a few years back.
    I really wanted to know if she feel the same and just not ready yet or not interested at all.
    I hope I will get some clarity from her to know whether I should keep trying patiently or stop bothering her.

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