• TAROT READING Is when a Tarot reader goes through the whole process of giving a full, honest, truthful and measured account, will share as much information that can be gained from the reading with a client. Most of all, explain that the information that has just been given to them, is theirs to do with in whatever way they choose.

    TAROT TELLING Is when a Tarot reader is confronted with a client who, is not willing to share anything, will not discuss anything, will stay silent throughout the whole reading, will shake their head and just repeat no, not right, that's impossible, can't happen, will never happen, I don't believe that. Other clients will sometimes ask impossible or unreasonable questions expecting a valid answer, some clients have many, many readings stating that their previous reader said such a thing and want clarification. (Not going to happen, thank you)..... and so it goes on.

    As a Tarot reader, one has to be prepared for any client no matter what they ask and what they expect. Openness and honesty is a prerequisite for any reader. If you start to fake, fumble and falsify, "you will fail", yes fail both the client and yourself. I have said many times that anyone can be a reader but the professional reader is not anyone. Which brings me to the ugly side of the profession, the fakers, scammers and charlatans, these are the people who, for whatever reason, are prepared to make a quick buck from any vulnerable client they come across and in so doing cause heartache, loss and distress to many. They deliberately cause so much upheaval amongst the Tarot community as a whole. While there are those who are prepared to corrupt and debase Tarot, there are those, who will provide a more reputable service for those who truly believe that the faithful Tarot reader is still out there and will produce the quality expected by many.

    The best one of all is the client who, for whatever reason gets one of the most detailed, informative and most accurate readings that the reader has given in their lives and just walks away, without a please or thank you. Then some time in the future another reader gets the same client but this time the client opens up and says...
    Oh, by the way. I had a reading the other day from your colleague and everything they told me was so accurate, I was amazed! WHAT!!!!! That is so disheartening for any reader to hear, especially when they knew how good that first reading had been. But, we carry on, day after day, reading after reading and doing our very best to provide a service that we hope will bring hope, happiness and a positive outcome for all our clients.

  • Funny, I am the opposite. I will go through my reading not wanting to know what the person asked. I don't want to input my feelings into the reading...it does happen but I try not to. I try and just tell the story that I am feeling from what I pick up. I use my reading as this is what I picked up from your feelings. After the reading the cards then we can talk on what was said and help understand. I use them as a feeling session sometimes someone just needs to see if from another perspective. The reading will tell me what is being felt so I try and not add my input. Different styles for different people and there is no right or wrong...Just be you.

  • @TarotNick I totally agree with you Nick and liked your answer. I'm not sure you got the gist of what I was describing here. As you say, each to his own. 👍

  • @TarotNick
    WOW that is why I love your style and readings.
    Nice to see you back in the site worried that covid got you.

  • @Jayann Hello there, hope you are doing well! 🙂

  • @TarotNick I like your approach. Its different from other people's style. Everyone has their own way of doing tarot. Its cool though:)

  • It took a lot of lessons to accept just to be me... so I try to share that to others.

  • @Jayann
    Just keeping a low profile, staying safe.
    there seems to be enough people giving readings...every once in a while I'll jump in.
    Thanks for thinking of me though 🙂

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    I hope you are doing ok I am alive but down as life is getting the better of me.
    ty for asking
    take care and stay safe. 💕