Why am I obssessed with Librans?!

  • I never had a relationsip until I met this Libran guy. I'm a gemini myself. I know Libras stands for beauty and luxuries because they stand for the planet Venus. I already broke up with this guy, and now I'm in love with this other Libran guy again. Why do I attract LIbrans???

  • hmmm im a sag, but my dad is a Libra, and my mom is Virgo, they been married like 37 years i think, 5 kids,(im youngest) but why are you worried about a good thing? Libras male or female are good people and care for others more than themselves, why do you attract them? well Libras are attracted to beauty right? do you not think your beautiful? what about this guy? why do you love him? is he sensitive? make you laugh? what is it lol who knows maybe you meant to be with a libra and havent found right one? im a Sag/Virgo/Gemini and im "just friends" with this Libra girl, but i dunno what is it, maybe a combo of everything about her that gets me lol, so i geuss i can kinda say im in the same boat as you,

    and this only your 2nd guy you dated? or want to date i say? ive never had a relationship yet, but im 95% sure i will be soon with my Libra girl, so u cant just go off the first two guys you have interest in really just luck probably.

  • This is the weird thing that I am very attractive to this guy. He has almost the same charateristics as I do. It's almost if we are brother, and yet we aren't. This kinda creeps me out but other than that I do/don't love him. I'm in and then I'm out switching to and fro that I cannot explain myself the feeling I have for him. Honestly, he was attractive to me about 7 years ago, but at that time I had a boyfriend so I couldn't be with him. I know Librans are good people as well as I'm good too. He's very sensitive, rightous, they don't BS around. It's the same characteristics as I have. I guess its ment to be...

  • Hi Annaxubella,

    From an astrological viewpoint, Geminis and Librans are a good match, you are both air signs. Both intellectual and deep thinkers.

    Go with your feelings and gut instincts, you will know whether it "feels" right to be with a guy, no matter what your head tells you.

    Good luck with it all.

  • Thank you so much, I know I have to be myself and if I attract him, then it was ment to be. Other than astology, theirs also the meaning of names and number, I'm a 5 and he's a 9, meaning that their is no match, and since the meaning of the guy is "fame and war" and my name's meaning is "angel" it's a very opposite combination although astrology say that we are a good match.

    I'll just be myself if he likes it or not.

  • I am also a Gemini female and my current love interest is also a Libra. We are at the beginning of this relationship so we will have to see where it goes from here. My love interest 3 years ago was also another libra and another love interest was a Libra also. The really weird thing is their birthdays are all within days of each other. If I didn't believe in astrology before, I do now. It's all kind of freaky. Good luck and let us know how everything progresses.

    Your Gemini friend

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