One good thing.

  • One good thing!

    Everybody in this world should do one good thing!
    Something that they will always be remembered for.
    It doesn’t have to be great or heroic, it doesn’t have to be incredible.
    It just has to be good. A gesture that shows others that life isn’t all bad.
    And it should make you proud when you think about how it made you feel when you did it.
    But it should never be used for your betterment, it should only make you feel humbled.
    Goodness is for you to share with everyone around you, to give to others, like a free gift.
    Never selective but always available, like a smile and not a frown. Feel free to give a hand to someone struggling.
    Don’t pass them by but stop and help. It doesn’t cost anything to offer your assistance for that one moment in time.
    Lastly, never ever take advantage of another person, no matter how weak or vulnerable they might be. If anything, support the weak and vulnerable even more than the stronger people around you. The stronger ones amongst us will always survive but still need good things just like the rest of us.
    Let’s all try to do at least one good thing every day, you might be surprised just how good it really feels. When the world feels dark and nothing seems to matter anymore then take the opportunity to brighten up the day by just using a tiny bit of energy and smile.
    There, you’ve don’t it. Just one good thing.

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